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Ethical Insights on why your business needs HouseRules

Taking a glimpse at common challenges in business

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See how HouseRules can be a better solution

The HouseRules examines a business through three critical lenses:


The guidelines that reflect legal, regulatory and values-based requirements. We review existing policies and procedures to identify gaps or areas of improvement. The goal is to craft “living” documents that can evolve with industry best practices.

Internal Community

How leadership teams build a collaborative, interdependent culture focused on the company’s purpose. Together we facilitate building trust, effective communication flows, and meaningful employee engagement.


Ensuring the balance of operations aligns with stated values to build integrity and accountability at all levels. This impacts everything from company policies to vendor relationships and public transparency.

Ethical Insights provides real examples of how the HouseRules methodology can support businesses determined to offer a difference from the norm:

  • review and refine their rulebooks
  • to reduce risk,
  • improve efficiency, and
  • stay competitive.

Here the case studies are from across industries and perspectives leveraging decades of cross-industry experience.

You’ll get insights on elevating your policies around the work environment and flexibility, updating hiring practices to attract the right talent, ideas for innovating stale corporate cultures, and other emerging issues at the intersection of business operations, ethics and human relationships.

Ethical Insights Are a Holistic Approach Introducing "HouseRules"

The purpose of CAS Ltd is to inform and make possible the  small practical changes. In revealing how a holistic approach to “rules of the house” can transform teams, management and the entire entire business in the way it interacts with others.  There’s an understanding that’s so simple yet it elevates your business from others.  More importantly, you gain a clarity that you can apply to your business.

Your feedback is welcomed and a crucial input as we collectively navigate this journey to build the business you envision.

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Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

– Mark Twain

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