Dust Off

Don't allow the Dust to Settle

The last thing you want is to get stuck in the monotony of doing for the sake of doing.  A Dust Off is no different from brushing off yourself before entering.  You want to present the best of yourself.  Consider this your trusted second opinion that everything is in place and you are ready.

A Concern Shared

You get 60mins to share your plans and immediate concerns. What are the challenges you see, and what have you not considered? This is an opportunity to talk about your business. Without a doubt, I’ll ask you about your policies and procedures and the team. At the end of the session, I get homework!

Not sure on where to start but you have a plan. Let's Dust off with a simple overview.

Easing Your Way In

Audits Don't Have to be Daunting

You get the space to talk openly about your immediate concerns.  We’ll talk about your business.  Without a doubt, I’ll ask you about your policies and procedures and the team.  At the end of the session, I have homework!

Within five days, you will have a report with recommendations on how and where to get started.  Remember, you don’t have to do this alone.  The session alone usually has clients feel “lighter” for finally addressing the issue.  

Recognise the problem

When you’re balancing so many facets of your business, it’s understandable that you’re averse to taking on more. But there is no control in pretending that something is not happening. 

Don't Ignore, Take Action

Once you have certainty about the concern, you can put a plan in place for handling the situation. Remember, a sudden unpleasant surprise is rarely manageable. And you didn’t invest all this time, accomplishing what you have so far to have it taken away.

a hand cleaning glasses at a table with a tablet ready for the review

What's the Benefit of Book a Dust Off Audit?

Running a business can be lonely when you’re at the top.  Whilst many will have you believe it’s all holidays, shopping and fast cars, there is a lot of work and responsibilities.  Even with a team, it can be complicated when you suspect something is not entirely how it should be.

  • You’re hesitant to investigate further. 
  • Could it be “leader’s paranoia”?
  • What are you looking for?
  • Where would be the best place to start?

These are just some questions a boss will torment themselves with instead of seeking guidance.  Alternatively, they make the mistake of passing the issue to someone else. But unfortunately, out of sight is not necessarily out of mind.  And when it rears its ugly head again down the line, it has become a more significant concern.

An audit takes away the unpleasant element of mystery and surprise.  Reviewing your company’s practices will give you confirmation that they are the best they can be.  You get the satisfaction of knowing that your HouseRules are being implemented and followed.  It is also a sensible way to ensure that your systems remain relevant.  You don’t need anything present to hold back the growth of the business

Want to hear more about embracing an alternative way of doing business?

Check out the Ethical Insights to gain a deeper understanding of HouseRules and how having them in your business with contribute to the success of building your way.

Sign up for the monthly round-up, making that one less thing you must worry about checking.  Your time is valuable, and here at CAS Ltd, that is appreciated.

Contemplating to take on another task but this has a solution at the end and a restful night's sleep. Book a Spring Dust Off A Guide for Leaders: Embracing Workplace complainers with HouseRules

To Remain At Your Best Book A Dust Off

You don’t have the option to bury your head and play pretend. It damages your business, even if you can’t see the destruction now.
With many important matters you must act on, why are you allowing this issue to take up valuable space? It is still your focus and time. Don’t wait until it’s out of your control to give in the attention necessary to “put it to bed”.
Stop skirting around the issue; let’s give it attention before it becomes something more. People like us don’t like to live with regret, so it’s time to get your house in order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An alternative way of building a business is always going to bring questions.  Curiosity is good because you want to ensure you make the right choice for your company.

So if you don’t find the answers here, feel free to get in contact for clarity.

No.  This package is open to businesses at any stage in their life cycle.  Oftentimes it is unclear where the problem lies.  However, it is usually the process or procedure.  You can review this slide deck for a quick breakdown of policies, procedures and processes.  

Not having a written policy doesn’t automatically equate to the source of the issue but there will be a recommendation to commit your practices to writing because it makes it easier for others and yourself to apply.

If, during our conversation, it becomes clear that a particular policy will need to be reviewed, information on how to submit these will be provided. 

If you would like a policies audit, you will want to review the Clean Up or Clear Out packages.

A Dust Off is the light package, and it’s usually a meeting where you can offload that particular stress you have been carrying around.

Of course, it’s possible to upgrade, but there is always the time factor.  So to be sure you have the time you need on the calendar, let’s aim to get it right the first time.

Meetings are usually held virtually.  There will be additional costs if there is a particular preference for in-person meetings.

Initial meetings are always with the owner or the most senior person in the organisation.  This is because you are the only person to know the direction and vision of the future.

This is as much about understanding the situation so that the proper steps can be taken to resolve the issues.  It will be ineffective if you are not in the room for the discussion. 

Remember, one of the three core elements that make up HouseRules is the internal community, but before you can share your message, you need to be precise.  The Clean Up and Clear Out packages allow for team interaction.