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Humming Session

Don't play on the wrong side of caution

Why would you need a Humming Session?

You will never have true peace of mind if you don’t understand your own rule book.  Ready-made templates are not the ideal quick fix.  It’s an illusion that reveals itself at the most inconvenient time.

Do you want to continue wasting time and money?

Have you heard of an owner claiming not to have known? 

Ignorance is no excuse when it gets to court. 

Not knowing is a dangerous game when you don’t have policies in place.

Are you ready to get your house in order?

Done for you is not an option unless you want somebody else ruling the roost.    

That is all fine until the day of reckoning.  You thought you were being cautious when you played with someone else’s rules. 

Why cheat yourself and your aspirations with policies and procedures you neither understand nor enforce? 

Stop playing by yourself

Man seated in a leather arm chair with an unhealthy ego or maybe not. Time for a clear out

You can’t recognise their existence when you are too close to the problems—believing that you are doing everything right but being driven to utter distraction.  

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No Strings, contracts or obligations

A confidential conversation between us is how it starts.    

  • no up-sell
  • no hard sell
  • no judgement

"Understanding a question is half an answer"


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