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Mature woman wearing sunglasses and arms folded - does the hands of approach of Lazy Delegation work in business
The possibility of Success in Business with Lazy Delegation
When you’re on the brink of burnout, you finally decide to hire help.  Unfortunately, you’re in a reactive state at this point of desperation.  Following advice and common practice, you dump...
hands holding several belts tightened around the waist refining the policy
refine your business with a return policy
Rising costs of living, inflation and a tumbling pound are critical indicators for those in business to think about shutting up shop and leaving this business lark to the big boys. Some may think out loud...
Smartly dressed many in a gentleman hat sunglasses and a drink seated in a grand chair with confidence and ease from working with The Ethical Strategist
The Houserules of the boss friend
Policies and procedures are imperative in business when the boss is the friend.   If you’re asking my opinion, when it comes to friends in business, they are equivalent to oil and water.  The two...
A man dressed in black smoothing the rim of his bowler hat having your own style is necessary when growing an authentic business.
5 Ethical Tips when Starting an Authentic Business
There is much in the way of advice when starting an “authentic” business. The focus is on success and making money (not in that order). Yet the world is changing, and there is panic and confusion....
Man seated in a leather arm chair with an ego
Three Signs of an unhealthy ego in business
You must recognise the traits of an unhealthy ego.  They are the warning signs to let you know that something needs your attention.  Spotting these telltale signs as early as possible gives you a better...

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