Ethical Insights

Focusing on real world applications of the HouseRules methodology for optimising business policies, procedures, processes and company culture.

The HouseRules examines a business through three critical lenses:


The guidelines that reflect legal, regulatory and values-based requirements. We review existing policies and procedures to identify gaps or areas of improvement. The goal is to craft “living” documents that can evolve with industry best practices.

Internal Community

How leadership teams build a collaborative, interdependent culture focused on the company’s purpose. Together we facilitate building trust, effective communication flows, and meaningful employee engagement.


Ensuring the balance of operations aligns with stated values to build integrity and accountability at all levels. This impacts everything from company policies to vendor relationships and public transparency.

The following insights provide real examples of how the HouseRules methodology has supported businesses determined to offer a difference from the norm:

  • review and refine their rulebooks
  • to reduce risk,
  • improve efficiency, and
  • stay competitive.

Here the case studies are from across industries and perspectives leveraging decades of cross-industry experience.

You’ll get insights on optimising policies around the work environment and flexibility, updating hiring practices to attract top talent, ideas for innovating stale corporate cultures, and other emerging issues at the intersection of business operations, ethics and human relationships.

A Holistic Approach to "Rules of the House"

The goal of CAS Ltd is to both inform and make possible the oftentimes small practical changes – revealing how a holistic approach to “rules of the house” can transform teams, leaders, and entire organisations.

Your feedback is welcomed and a crucial input as we collectively navigate this journey to build the business you envision.

A man in a suit and hard hat hunched over a desk in from of papers with a pained expression. Revealing a Fear in Construction towards admin.
Transform Your Construction Business
With the right support you can transform your construction business.  Firstly you will need to understand the role of the administration when it comes to your construction project. Although when onsite,...
A man in a white shirt unbuttoned collar and loosened tie was a grim expression of stress - breaking rules can be costly but it is never to late to build a business with difference.
Breaking Rules Cost
Breaking rules cost more than you would ever imagine. So if you have an inkling that those within your business are not following the rules but you’ve decided not to rock the boat. Ask yourself how much...
A man dressed smartly pressing his finger to his lips, hushing signal. Hush Holidays are employees taking control
Hush Holidays: Navigating Deceit in the Workplace
Another day, another emerging trend in the workplace—hush holidays. As a business owner, you may be understandably concerned about this new level of potential deceit from your employees. So this time,...
A man's torso in a dark suit jacket and shirt but the jacket has a huge stain on it. The blueprint of your business success lies in your policies but are they showing you up?
The Blueprint of Business Success: Why Structure Matters
It’s disheartening to witness the considerable effort small businesses invest in their products or services only to adopt a haphazard approach to their policies. One area common sign of neglect is...
Keep a cool head when you understand the Power of Best Practices in Business should not be sniffed at as at any stage of business. HouseRules will ensure the best results.
The Power of Best Practices in Business
This time around, we’re going to look at moving from chaos to control with the power of best practices in business. It’s time to cast aside the unpredictable and embrace the tried and true...

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