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As the head of the company bossing up is more that pretending to listen.
Boss Up with HouseRules
When writing this, it’s the last day of the first quarter.  Resolutions made for the start of a new year are faded and forgotten.  You’re either patting yourself on the back for achieving...
The overwhelm and stress of never having enough time to do what needs to be done. Feel like you lack the art of calendar management and therefore not using your time effectively?
Mastering the Art of Calendar Management
Following on in the mini-series (which you can read in any order that best suits you – let’s look at the insights of mastering the art of calendar management.   A particular skill...
When you understand Why Having a Refund Policy is Crucial for Your Online Business is so important to the success of your business you won't only focus on the hire and now.
Why a Refund Policy is Crucial for Business
Having a refund policy for your online business is not the first thought or even the tenth when you decide to start your only business. The convenience, extra disposable income and adjustments for the...
Side Hustles: The Benefits of Starting a Business as One and the Pitfalls to Avoid
Side Hustles: The Benefits of Starting a Business as One and the Pitfalls to Avoid
Side hustles have taken over!   The trend used to be to have a second job; however, as people have become savvier in the quest for financial freedom, is a side hustle a complete solution? Can you live...
The common struggles of starting a business while pretending everything is cool
Common Struggles of New Businesses with Solutions
The common struggles of new businesses are the best-kept secrets.  Go to any social media platform, and you can be fooled into believing that having a business is a walk in the park.  After all, there...

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