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Additionally, if you still have questions, you’re in the correct location if you are unsure of what CAS Ltd and The Ethical Strategist offer.  However, if you can’t find the answer here, you can always send an email.

You are in control here, so you can start to slow to find your footing, or if time is of the essence, let’s get this work in motion and get your house order.

A new way of working must welcome the curious

No. You can book and rebook sessions with The Ethical Strategist when you need support or guidance. Moreover, the Humming session offers a no-obligation or long-term commitment.
If what you have to work on is going to take a few sessions, it might be worth going through the bespoke services (Dust Off, Clean Up or Clear Out). 

Another no.  Usually, by the time HR becomes involved, communications have already broken down in communication.  This is like calling the fire department to put out the fire when you could have saved yourself all the grief if you had engaged with the fire inspector.  CAS Ltd is the fire inspector.


When working with clients, starting with the one in charge.  We have to have that conversation so that it is clear what the direction and intentions are from the start.

You can book sessions with your team members, but for the initial meeting, it is encouraged for the owner to attend alone so that they can speak freely (and, dare I say, feel vulnerable).

However, with the bespoke services, working with your team at all levels will be essential to ensure alignment across the board.

Furthermore the “off the shelf” packages have no refunds or cancellations.  These will usually be the services you pay for without meeting first, e.g. Spring Dust Off (for a limited time only) or Refund Policy Review.

If you have questions about any of the services, please make contact before making a purchase.  Take action with clarity.

For the bespoke services, please refer to the contract.

Humming session

It is appreciated that life happens, so on occasions, sessions may have to be rescheduled. However, if rescheduling sessions becomes a pattern, no further rescheduling will be offered. Instead, you will need to personally book any future sessions.

Additionally, if our re/scheduling policy is not followed, any refund issued will have all processing fees deducted.

Always check the details of the service that you are interested in obtaining.  Remember that CAS Ltd is about shared understanding and taking action with control and clarity – if in doubt – ask.

The Customer Experience

The Issue

Your customers are no different to you.  They want an experience that is as smooth as the sale process.  However, often when there is a hint of dissatisfaction, chaos follows on the heels.

The Impact

Often no policy exists, leaving the customer and team helpless, leaving it to the one in charge. Other times, the process proves overly complicated, long-winded, or like a quest to find buried treasure.

Refund Policy Review

Without a clear policy, returns are a scary logistical nightmare

Click the “Book Now” button to go to the Stripe checkout page.
Enter your payment details, then after completing payment, you will receive a confirmation page of payment with a link to upload your policy for review.
Consequently, if you didn’t get the upload link, please complete the contact form to raise your query. Payment will be checked, and the link will be forwarded once confirmed.

The standard turnaround time is five days. You will be notified as soon as possible if any delays are expected.

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