Almost better than payment! 

Receiving feedback is always valuable. 

To receive praise for assisting others to realign their purpose confirms my purpose.  Working with individual business owners and entrepreneurs is essential to understand and protecting your dreams.  

The sentiment remains long after the fees have been reinvested in improving the packages and services.

The Ethical Strategist Cas Johnson working with business owners and entrepreneurs to enjoy the sweet life without limiting others.
Cas managed my diary alongside two other Heads of Function. She had a systematic approach and identified the important versus optional well. She is experienced, communicates clearly and anticipates issues to resolve them proactively.
Tamya Kerr
EDF Energy
Putting in the work to get your house in order is a testimonial for all. Let's talk and get your house in order
Man buried in papers trying to grasp what in means is a part of the new business struggle. Breaking rules cost book a Dust Off policy review
Cas has a great eye for detail and uses her legal acumen to dig deep when reviewing policy or statute information. She will happily challenge the normal to ensure that the outcome is clear and defined. Cas fits in easy with new work streams and capable of working alone or within a team.
Brian Wood
Health Safety & Environmental Advisor
In my book Cas is the queen of policies and procedures. She help me come up with policies that not only fit my brand voice but that fit my personality for enforcement. She is my go to instead of some cut and paste job by someone who doesn't know me or how I am. She even let me keep my policy about treating emails like chocolate, which I do not share.
Cas worked with me for about 4 months. What a difference she made when we started to go into lockdown, such a safe pair of hands. She is a pleasure to be around, totally trustworthy and honest. Cas is a superb administrator, has sound business and financial knowledge and would be an asset to any team. All of the Accuracy team really liked working with her and I would be proud to recommend her to any employer.
Dawn Ward
Operations Director, Accuracy
a hand cleaning glasses at a table with a tablet ready for the review
Reflect the core of your business. Unlocking Your Productivity Potential with a Time Management Strategy. Elevate your business and begin to enjoy life with HouseRules.
I have worked with Cas on a number of projects and events. Cas has a fantastic work ethic and attention to detail with everything she does. Her structured approach along with using initiative and having perfect communication ensures her work is always of a high standard. Cas has an amazing ability to deal with people of all levels including site staff, management and clients highly recommended.
Sean McKeeman
Health & Safety Manager, Kettenrad Ltd
Cas was a real asset to our team. She has a great work ethic and is very organised. She worked tirelessly under extreme pressure. During our transitions we would have upwards of 150 operatives requiring inductions, Cas would facilitate their inductions and organise and manage a team of administrators over a 24hr period. Cas is polite and efficient and is very capable, she has a great knowledge of legal procedures and is versatile to adjust."
Matt Clarke
Commercial Manager, M Construct London Ltd
Female dressed in a dark suit seated with papers - great work ethics as stated in the testimonials
Let me tell you...I was using legal documents from my attorney for my consulting business as HouseRules for my coaching business. Two different businesses, two different operations, and two different legal needs. It was ashy y'all and I needed some lotion. Cas got me to see how much this took away from my ability to lead my coaching business, and protect my coaching clients, impact, and vision. Over a few short months, Cas was able to support me in getting my entire HouseRules together! Working with Cas, it's insightful, exigent conversations that bring you to decisions so you can lead your business in ways that feels like internal community to you and yours. I loved my experience as a client and will be back when I have more HouseRules to create!

Reintroducing mutual loyalty and ethical practices in the business through your HouseRules.