As the head of the company bossing up is more that pretending to listen.

Boss Up with HouseRules

When writing this, it’s the last day of the first quarter.  Resolutions made for the start of a new year are faded and forgotten.  You’re either patting yourself on the back for achieving those targets or commiserating and preparing for a pep talk. Entering the next quarter with more fire and enthusiasm – you won’t accept …

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Two women excited by an order that has come through on the laptop demonstrating the love for your business as an owner.

Love for your Business

Do you love your business? Several factors will determine the answer to such a loaded question. Having reached the end of the month, you may have thought I wouldn’t touch on the subject. But let’s briefly go over this in honour of the month of love. The First Love of your Business As someone new …

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Man seated with perplexed express looking at laptop hold his chin. Introducing policies to an online business will bring clarity.

5 Policies for an Online Business

Key policies to have in your online business will help you grow with purpose.  Firstly, let’s recap what a policy is (because small business owners don’t believe this applies to them).  Also, it makes up one of the three core elements of The Ethical Strategist’s HouseRules (along with Internal Community and Ethics).  Going through the …

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A woman sat in a room on a sofa with her arms folded across her chest. Wearing a summer dress and shades, her hair is piled in a pineapple on top of her head. Serving you so let's get this house in order

Know Like & Trust Your HouseRules

The mantra of any business owner before long is Know Like and Trust.  This is how you will get customers and clients.  This will be how you can make those 10k months and beyond.  The focus of the business is almost wholly external.  You spend so much time pleasing others that you end up sacrificing …

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