A woman of colour with a beaming smile dressed in work wear. Confident to handle when policy collides with best practice.

When Policy Collides with Best Practice

The Risks of Stagnant Policies Some business owners ensure company policies transform into daily habits. They want to avoid surprise unpleasantries and believe best practices require ongoing effort, not luck. Read on to see if there are any magical secrets of running a business that will bring you successful rewards whilst maintaining peace of mind […]

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A man wearing thick rimmed glasses and a bread with a curious facial expression. Re-energise your work culture in a different way to the usual practices.

Re-energise Your Work Culture

If you’re thinking about how to re-energise your work culture and increase productivity amongst the team, here is something that you’ve probably not considered. Before throwing yourself into the pizza ordering or fancy biscuits and chocolates, let’s look at the business HouseRules and see how applicable they are in the present work environment. Is your

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Going beyond Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Policies and tailoring your rules in the business like this man in a finely tailored tree piece suit.

Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Policies

When is the right time to go beyond one-size-fits-all work policies? The latest trend is for individuals work “near” home (WNH) and it is said this is likely to replace WFH. By now you will know that I have something to say on this so let’s get into it. Question Limiting Assumptions Although some individuals

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A brown woman with a head covering dressed smartly wearing a compassionate smile. Those who know better recognise where the could be gaps in their policies and have them reviewed

Those Who Know Better Should Do Better – Is Your Team Ignoring Policy Gaps

“Those who know better should do better.” However, exercising compassion and reason is not always at the forefront of the minds of those in charge. CAS Ltd is not only about having your HouseRules tailored to serve your business and internal community. Equally important is about applying ethical strategies to succeed in all endeavours. Through a

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A mature man dressed formally in a suit wearing glasses with a sceptical expression how to tell the telltale signs of change.

The Telltale Signs of Change

What a difference a week makes. And the revelations of the last six days will take several moments for the world of business to absorb. Yes, I’m referring to the saga that is Open AI. Let’s have an interruption of the scheduled Ethical Insight as we look into the signs of an internal community in

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Contemplating to take on another task but this has a solution at the end and a restful night's sleep. Book a Spring Dust Off A Guide for Leaders: Embracing the Voice of the Team

A Guide for Leaders: Embracing the Voice of the Team

When I came across an article advising employees on how to voice concerns to managers it was a good opportunity to highlight the contrast between an atypical business approach and the ethical strategy of HouseRules. While well-intentioned, its recommendations could inadvertently stifle open communication in the workplace. In this post, I’ll outline more constructive approaches

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