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3 Unmistakeable Signs of Unhealthy Business Ego

The unmistakable signs of an unhealthy business ego are the focus of this article – three glaring ones that can seriously derail your business if left unchecked. Maintaining a healthy work environment is crucial, but an unhealthy ego can quickly spiral into toxic, problematic behaviour. Knowing how to spot the key signs of an unhealthy business ego early gives you a better chance of preventing destructive situations before they escalate and become costly.

The Signs of an Unhealthy Business Ego to Watch For

Sign #1 of an Unhealthy Business Ego: The Overconfident Underachiever

While it may not be recognised initially as unhealthy ego traits, we can all share a story over a glass of something tasty about that one person who’s all mouth and no trousers.  Their confidence is off the charts, but their skill level requires a magnifying glass!  They usually get the position because of their ideas of grandeur—selling their vision in the recruitment process. 

Recognising the Signs of Unhealthy Business Ego

It’s more common than you may realise to have an individual join the business or be promoted through the ranks with a plan that doesn’t align in any way with the buried core values of the company. Instead of assessing how the individual will enhance and promote the principles of the business, the interviewer will be blinded by past conquests.
Those with an unhealthy ego will have a narrative that is about them. They will rarely make the connection. But, if you carefully consider it, you will realise you’re the one left to connect the dots. Therefore it’s for you as the company’s representative to decide if you are ready to hand over control. You must have HouseRules or implement them in your business to avoid a silent takeover.

Implement HouseRules for Business

Managing unhealthy ego in the workplace must start at the recruitment stage. Those with an unhealthy ego will appear to have the perfect narrative. Your job as the hiring team is to see past what is about them and if they are open to collaborating with the business. No one should be left to decipher the expectations.
The company’s representative should be transparent about the rules and share the fundamentals with all candidates.  Without clarity on the boundaries, a decision must be made on whether the business is ready to hand over control.  Having HouseRules in business avoids a silent takeover.

An Unhealthy Ego is a Common Problem

This can be a clear sign of an unhealthy business ego taking root. Hiring the right person for the company can be a challenge.  However, when the odds of getting it right are so low, there is a severe flaw.  To have a troublesome team member is concerning.  To have a bad manager or leader is detrimental to business (and very costly).

Don't Suffer Due a Lack of Established Guidelines

Without clear HouseRules in place, you risk introducing chaos and misalignment into your business. As discussed, having a new hire set their own tone and path without adhering to your company’s core values and mission can lead to costly conflicts down the line.

A “Dust Off” review can be invaluable in identifying gaps in your policy, procedure, or process when recruiting. By taking a deep dive into a business area, we can pinpoint where refinements are needed to ensure your guidelines align with your business’s purpose.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – book a Dust Off review today and get the expert guidance you need to establish crystal-clear HouseRules that support your team while maintaining control over your business direction.

During the 60-minute Humming session, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns, and challenges openly. We’ll dive into your current practices, procedures, and team dynamics, followed up with a tailored recommendation report as a starting point for change.

Don’t let the dust settle on potential issues. Invest in a Dust Off review and gain the confidence that your house is in order, paving the way for sustainable growth and success.

Sign #2 of an Unhealthy Business Ego: The Micromanaging Control Freak

When an Unhealthy Ego Brings Stagnation

Another glaring sign of an unhealthy business ego is the micromanaging, control freak manager. Stagnation comes through the frustration caused by a manager exhibiting signs of an unhealthy business ego.  It’s the reluctance to give their team members autonomy to complete a task or project.  When team members are not free to use their expertise, frustration eventually leads to infuriation.  In addition, reporting back at every stage becomes tiresome and time-consuming.

Manage Unhealthy Ego in the Workplace

Whilst the rate of growth may vary, changes are inevitable.  Failure to see any improvements or, worse still, regression is a sign that there is an unhealthy ego nearby.  The goal must surely be an interdependent team that can think outside the box.  The whole point of having a team is for support.  Therefore, when your manager has broken the team’s spirits to the point where the only autonomy they exercise is to show up, the business can consider itself in crisis.

Implement HouseRules for Your Business

Stop missing out on potential opportunities because an individual in the team focuses on spoon-feeding the team rather than allowing everyone to do their duties.  Common elements of the job should have set procedures and processes to follow. These practices will help to clarify who should be doing what.  If there’s a lack of trust in the guidelines, then it’s time to evaluate where improvements are needed.
It is not for everyone, manager or not, to make executive decisions.  However, without the implementation of HouseRules and regular reviews, this will happen.  The strategic direction of the business is the responsibility of the business owner or those in charge.

Stop the Talent Drain: Get to the Root of Unhealthy Ego Traits

One telltale sign of an unhealthy ego in the workplace is a high employee turnover rate. Top performers often leave when they see no opportunities for growth or advancement, feeling stifled by micromanaging egos who fail to recognise their potential.

Do you find yourself constantly rehiring and retraining due to this toxic cycle? It’s a clear indicator that your policies and procedures need a tune-up to realign with your company’s core values and allow your internal community the clarity of their remit.

Don’t let unhealthy egos dictate the rules anymore. It’s time to take control and implement clear, well-defined HouseRules that cultivate a positive, collaborative environment.

Gain Clarity in Your Practices with a Humming Session

The Humming Session provides a focused one-hour consultation where we’ll dive deep into your business’s policies, processes, and team dynamics. Together, we can identify areas for improvement and explore ways to align these critical elements with your company’s mission and values.

By getting your house in order, you’ll be better equipped to recognise and manage unhealthy ego traits before they derail your progress. You’ll foster a culture of accountability, transparency, and growth, building an internal community that thrives and retains top talent.

Don’t let misaligned procedures and unchecked egos hold your business back. Invest in a Humming Session today and take the first step towards a harmonious, high-performing internal community guided by well-crafted HouseRules.

Sign #3 of an Unhealthy Business Ego: The Self-Centred Narcissist

Signs of the "Center of the Universe" Ego

The self-centred, narcissistic manager is another unmistakable sign of an unhealthy business ego to watch out for. Signs of the “centre of the universe” ego include a manager who’s never available, regardless of how much you try to contact them. However, if you’re essential to them, they will hound you into submission to have the meeting or take the call. 

Manage Unhealthy Ego in the Workplace

They see themselves as the most incredible boss.  They thrive on always having a scapegoat to hand for anything that goes wrong. If a deadline is missed, it’s because an inadequate person in the team needed to do their job correctly and gave incorrect information.  They view everyone else as incompetent and not worth having on the team.  It’s a sacrifice they make for the good of the business.
This is where the birth of hostility and the lowered glass ceiling come into play.  This boss can climb the preverbal ladder by jumping from company to company on the success of others.  You will also notice that no one will be promoted on their watch (if they can help).  They have rules supporting their plan to succeed at all costs. 

Implement HouseRules for Your Business

HouseRules for your internal community is just as important as the customer journey. Business owners have legal obligations to have key policies and procedures in place when they have a team.  That doesn’t prevent those in charge from going beyond their legal responsibilities.  Meaningful supervision and appraisals will allow the employer to monitor and assist the individual.  It’s also the opportunity for the individual to give feedback.  It’s about building a relationship.

Done properly, not only will it be possible to recognise unhealthy ego traits but you will also know where and how to revise your procedures and processes to serve and guide the entire business.

Navigating unhealthy egos in the workplace can be tricky, but you don’t have to go it alone. Sign up for our mailing list to receive regular insights and tips on building a thriving ethical business.

From recognising unhealthy ego red flags to implementing accountability measures, personalised emails will arm you with the knowledge to nip toxic behaviours in the bud before they derail your team’s progress. Stay ahead of the game by subscribing now!

Don't Let an Unhealthy Ego Fuel Hostility - Implement HouseRules

The individual with the unhealthy ego’s objective is to maintain a firm grasp of control and to instil fear in anyone contemplating deviating from their status quo.  You’ve got problems if that is different from your company’s purpose.
It perfectly justifies why constant checks and monitoring are essential at all levels.  The ego tells them they’re a martyr because they’re making sacrifices for the good of the business.  HouseRules form part of the daily runnings of the organisation, giving everyone a point of reference.
  • From the point of recruitment and onboarding, know what to look for in a candidate rather than being wooed;
  • Having each individual recognise that rules in the organisation are not arbitrary.  They are implemented to fulfil the overall values and purpose of the company.
  • No one is above or excluded from HouseRules they are monitored, and action will be taken if they are not complied with.

The signs of an unhealthy business ego we covered:

  • the overconfident underachiever,
  • the micromanaging control freak, and
  • the self-centred narcissist.

Any of which can completely derail a business. If you notice these glaring signs of an unhealthy business ego festering in your workplace, it’s critical to take action quickly.

An unhealthy business ego left unchecked can disrupt team dynamics, hinder growth, and derail your business entirely. By recognising the key signs of an unhealthy business ego early and implementing clear HouseRules, you can maintain control and create an environment that shuts down toxic behaviour and signs of an unhealthy business ego before they take root.

Don’t miss the signs of an unhealthy business ego sabotaging your business success. Take proactive steps to manage unhealthy business ego in the workplace by booking a complimentary Sip & Chat today. Let’s get your house in order with HouseRules.

With the right rules for your business we can identify and address signs of a toxic workplace. Build a business with difference when you partner with CAS Ltd and incorporate your own HouseRules

The Importance of Maintaining Control with Clear HouseRules

You either have no substantial HouseRules within your business, or they are buried so deep in the archives no one remembers they exist.  Without them, you are introducing chaos into the work environment by having the new person set the tone and lead their own path.
Hiring a candidate for their dream of success is handing over the leadership of the business.  Their aspirations are not what the existing team has signed up to, so how can you not expect conflict?
Regularly reviewing the direction you want the business to be moving towards and the best practices will assist in determining who is needed in the organisation as it grows.
This is where an audit becomes invaluable as you take anything from an overview to a deep dive into a particular business area to establish how it can be refined.

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