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Unlearning Flawed Norms for Business Success

It’s time to address and unlearn flawed norms within our society, especially when it comes to business.
It’s not often, but on occasion, I have to disagree with Simon Sinek. If you happen to watch the little people (babies and toddlers), you will see that they show curiosity when they first meet. They have an interest in discovering the other little person, they are the perfect example of being human, and yet it’s effortless as they know nothing about work.

The Earl Signs of Flawed Norms of Inhumanity

It’s when they start going to school, that individuals are subtly introduced to competing against one another. Who remembers the gold stars? All the praise, special treats or additional responsibilities sold as privileges are granted. The importance shifts from building relations and understanding others to survival of the fittest.
Success is attaining the best score possible, never mind how it was obtained. The essence of silo mentality is developed at that stage in life so they are prepared for survival in the real world.
The system perpetuates itself as those who have been through it can now play their part in preparing others to be the best players in the game. A game where empathy, compassion, and ethical behaviours can be excused for an excellent financial return.

The Consequences of Prioritising Individual Success

Look at the typical business model of hiring the person with the best grades but only from a red brick/Russell Group university. With little to no exposure to interacting with an array of people, they are usually not so good at managing a diverse department because they lack emotional intelligence.
How is it possible for a person to be successful in all their endeavours to be wrong in the midst of the ordinary? That appears to be nurture and presents a dilemma to those in charge. Do you keep the person who is a dream on paper and can bring in easy money? Oftentimes, the decision is to allow others in the team to suffer and ignore their cries.
There is a failure to recognise that when a business has the right structure, it is the efforts of the collective that bring in the money and build the business. The construct of business is not to attempt to be a master of all things, with HouseRule you appreciate and rely on the varying strengths of others in the team. The structure is present to give clarity of boundaries for a true interdependence operation.

Learn to recognise the flawed norms to allow for business success

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The Illusion of Secrecy and Favouritism

Flawed Norms: Rewarding Secrecy Over Transparency

I remember the excitement of a junior manager who, after being sworn to secrecy on a late-night call, was informed they had earned a bonus. Now that I think about it, that was down to my arrival, but that person could neither keep a secret nor recognise that sharing their good news highlighted the inequity to others.

Prioritising Individual Success Over Ethics

Unjust practices become favourable when the reward is enough to be a distraction from the unethical practices of operating. The junior manager felt they were apart of the elite, to finally get a call, that up until that point was non the wiser about. Those having special exceptions to their own rules are going against what is natural human behaviour.

Embracing Humanity: Correcting Wrongdoings

Going back to the little person when they know they have done something wrong they attempt to hide and deny it. At that age, it is commonplace to correct but in the business world, you get compensated for your silence.

Unlearning Flawed Norms for Business Success

Such behaviours are the cause of ill feelings that fester into hostility, especially when the reward is no longer considered enough. When deviating from the policies and procedures in place to get to a better life, a person will be willing to work hard to belong and be accepted. 

To Achieve Business Success: Embrace Ethical Practices

However, the consequences of such flawed human traits are costly and time-consuming. HouseRules is about changing the way business is done through the framework of the organisation. When it is made clear how easy it is to be human by genuinely having one set of rules for all to with.

Want to know if your business is comply with unethical societal norms?

  • A Dust Off audit for the policy that you suspect may no longer fit today’s working environment.
  • Spotlight priority areas needing refreshed rules to nourish the internal community
  • Co-create updated HouseRules that interweave individual growth with organisational success. 

Real-World Examples of Inhumanity in Business

A man with arms crossed and a glimpse of his chin. A person trying to understand the root cause of workplace stress and how to combat it with HouseRules Flawed business practices in plain sight

Let’s look at some real examples. Currys announced this year, they are expected to make a pre-tax profit of between £105-£115 million. But if you were to check the government list for those companies failing to pay the national minimum wage, Currys is in the top 20, failing to pay over 4,000 employees just under £123k.

If we do the calculations for Estée Lauder, it owes its employees about £150. In comparison, it has been estimated that the yearly dividend paid to shareholders will be £2.64 per share, perhaps they could give 60 shares to each of the underpaid employees. That’s the equivalent of 0.0000003% ownership in relation to the total company shares. Therefore posing no risk to the family’s share of 38% or the major shareholders.
However, it could mean that while smiling and being hospitable to strangers, while standing for an 8-hour shift, an employee doesn’t have to be mentally juggling their personal finances. The company, by the way, are in position 3 on the list of over 500 employers failing to comply with the rules of society but it almost guaranteed they have policies and procedures in their businesses, which they insist on compliance or else.
When Your Team Feeds into the Mission and Vision is a consideration that every leader must consider in a business that is to thrive

Embracing Humanity for Business Success

Being human business doesn’t take practice, not if there is an openness to understand and be curious. It requires an honest and regular review of the practices within the business. Continued tunnel vision, and the delusional belief of a solo journey, can make those in a position of power forget about the contributions others have made to the successes and growth thus far.
The outstanding grade could be just as much you having a natural ability for that subject matter as much as you having the ideal setting with no other responsibilities to worry about. Whereas someone else may be working with old textbooks and has carer responsibilities. The achievement and success of one person will differ from the next. Yet society strips away the emotion and the human element to review the plain facts.
Whether its going for an interview, raising a concern or submitting a claim for an employment breach, it has now become the norm to practice not being too emotional or human. For those who know how to play the game, to be inhuman is easy because they have removed themselves from it. Inhumanity is taught until it’s seen as natural, and what was once natural becomes the exception. And yet, we fail to see the obvious problem.
At CAS Ltd, the relationship between rules, the people they are to support and the ethical approach to conduct business recognises the differences of individuals and also the varied talents. Every person in the business has a purpose and is present because they see the potential for personal growth whilst growing the business. By doing what comes naturally everyone can focus on their particular task to feed into the collective. For too long workers have been distracted by office politics and learning to leave their humanness at home.

I’m Cas, The Ethical Strategist, partnering with the business owner ready to lead their business to the next level.

A robust structure is essential – that’s where HouseRules comes in. Introducing policies and procedures that support the team.

With the guidance your team can move forward with confidence in the knowledge that their contributions are valued.

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