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Why you’re not generating money in your online business

There are numerous reasons why you may struggle to sell or establish your business as the next big thing. Contemplation before jumping in is an essential factor. There is no rule preventing you from taking a step back and relaunching. However, don’t propose a relaunch if you haven’t strategised on the improvements that will serve your business.

The real benefits of HouseRules can be your saving grace when faced with the risk of common faults hindering businesses. You can review the complete list, but let’s look at a couple to get you started.

Bad User Experience

Establishing yourself before turning your attention to the emotional engagement with your audience is akin to entering a race with a broken leg. The support you receive is less likely about the value you believe you are offering and more in line with a pity vote.

It’s a slippery slope as you begin to barter, offering discount codes, promotions and other manipulative tactics to entice attention. Not to say it won’t work because even the worst-rated businesses get customers. But don’t you want to aspire for more?

Hire and train your internal community to be knowledgeable enough to handle the queries before they become complaints. Look at your business’s structure; guidelines will facilitate fulfilling the desire you have in mind for the company.

As a new start-up, this is something which you will want to share with your audience. It is a way to relate, and they can hold you accountable should you get side track, much like the individuals you hire to assist. And remember, issues can arise at any time. So what policies do you have to demonstrate that you have given it some thought? A refund policy is a start, but other policies and procedures will trigger processes. All of which will feed back into creating the best experience for your clients.

One of the challenging parts of leading is taking the time to think it through and map it out.

Lack of Personality

If a person is going on the premise that all policies and procedures are the same and that it’s a case of having something rather, they are delusional. It will take one non-conformist to break the mould and cause complete havoc. And it’s not like we haven’t seen it repeatedly.

Click on one site, and where you have to pay for postage; how many times has the person searched multiple sites for the same product offering free delivery? Some companies think of every detail of the shopping experience, down to the authentic Frenchman smartly dressed in a relaxed suit to deliver your items (oh oui!).

Sometime in 2021, a burger franchise posted an update of how they delivered their employment contract – all the critical information printed on a one-sided menu mock-up. That is not only personal flair speaking to your people (as I like to refer to them, your internal community). It also shows that you care enough to give the highlights instead of burying the essential information in the waffle.

Yes, you can get templates of the policies you will need in your business, but when they become too dull for you to read – this is an issue that we can’t delve into here. Why would you believe your team, suppliers, or clientele will want to review it? So, again, it goes back to the other issues and the reason for not generating income in your business.

I could talk more, but time is precious and not to be abused. So if you want the peace of mind that you have a solid foundation, contact me on social so we can converse at leisure. If you’re going to add that flair, feel free to book a Sip & Chat.

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