R&R Policy

Combat buyers' remorse in your business by having clear HouseRules

Be transparent with your customer because no one wants to be the centre of the joke.  A return policy can help prevent financial loss and a tarnished reputation and reduce stress for everyone involved.

You should be as confident in handling a return as you are in landing the sale. 

An unfavourable return policy is as damaging as no policy—your customer’s attention is on whether it is worth taking the risk. 

Have clear HouseRules.  Outline the how, when and what through your policy.  You will have it clear, your team will have it clear, and so will your clientele.  

What is R&R worth to you in your business?

Book to have your refund, return or cancellation policy written.

Stop forcing your business to fit with the templates or something you have “borrowed” from other companies.   It’s time for you to comprehend your policy thoroughly. Then, let’s tailor your procedures to give you peace of mind and reflect the organisation that you envision.

This is the treat you deserve.  A gift to yourself that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Only £750

This is how we will work together to create your HouseRules

In the initial first session, we discuss what you want in your business – returns, refunds, rescheduling or cancellation.  After that, the combination will be dependent upon your business.

It is time to personalise your policy.  You will receive a copy for review.

The final session is to go through the policy in person.  Remember, this is a bespoke service centred around understanding.  There may be elements you can’t have because they are contrary to law or regulations.

Ultimately, you will have a document where you know the content and understand the context, and you can implement it into your business confidently.  

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