When Your Team Feeds into the Mission and Vision is a consideration that every leader must consider in a business that is to thrive

When Your Team Feeds into the Mission and Vision

When your team feeds into the mission and vision of the organisation you’re on course to a winning formula.  However, knowing when should you involve your internal community in that process is also an critical consideration.

When should you involve your internal community in your mission and vision?

You should involve your internal community in your mission and vision to align everyone towards a common goal, increase engagement, and connect the team with the organisation’s purpose. It is vital to communicate your mission and vision clearly and involve your team in the process to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same objectives.

That said, I have broken down what that will look like at the different stages of a business owner’s life cycle.

The best way to ensure you live up to your word is to review your procedures and processes. For example, are the values and purpose of your business being incorporated into daily life?

Whether you’re a business on the verge of taking on your first employee or have an existing team, you want to ensure the message is not lost in translation or so old dusty files that you call your policies.

HouseRules are the combination of it all. You can peruse the site at your leisure or get straight to work. As a savvy leader here to ruffle the norm, I shall leave it to you to decide the best action to take next.

The Entry Level: Getting Started on the Mission

As a new business owner, you have the freedom to prioritise your interests. Despite common advice to focus on your audience’s desires, it’s crucial to prioritise what truly inspires you. You will only feel fulfilled if you’re passionate about what you’re offering. It’s like the oxygen mask on a plane – you must take care of yourself before you can help others.

Here at CAS Ltd business is seen differently to the usual blueprint of what ought to be. If you are spending the time to stand out from the mundane offerings, it's time to get your house in order with HouseRules that serve you.

The Existing Business: To Pivot or Reinforce that Vision

If your business already exists and you have a team, involving them in a rebrand is a wise choice. Your employees were drawn to your company for a reason, and their input can be valuable. While you may be the boss, it’s important to remember that your team is invested in the company’s success for more than just a paycheck. Engaging them in this process is an opportunity to strengthen your team and your business.

The Exit Strategy: the Legacy is to Continue

If you want to leave a legacy and pass on your business to a successor, they must align with your organisation’s mission and vision. While you may be in charge, your team has contributed to the business’s success. A responsible leader will consider this when transitioning the business. Ultimately, a company’s value is determined by its people.

To ensure a successful business at any stage, establish HouseRules. This will help you strike a balance between structure, employee buy-in, and staying true to yourself. It’s time to abandon the fairytale Prince Charming persona – it’s not sustainable and can lead to burnout. Instead, let’s embrace realistic expectations and build a successful business together.

Here at CAS Ltd, The Ethical Strategist will review your current procedures and processes to ensure they tie into your business’s policies and overall ethos. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to highlight the inconsistencies you fail to see when you’re in the mix. I think an audit of your policies and procedures or a review of the team and how they use your HouseRules is a great starting point to figure out where to start.

I understand time is valuable. That’s why I’m conscious not to over-impose. I don’t advocate you squandering such a precious commodity. That’s why it’s so important to invest the time wisely.

My calendar is open to all, but there’s a limit on the number of working relationships at any time. And I’d hate for you to miss out. So let’s get your house in order with HouseRules.

Serving you in business to build an internal community that leads to unthinkable success

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