This House

Familiarise yourself with the rules of this house.

We all have options.  Right now, you can work with someone who values your business.  Someone who will work with you to find the best solution for your business.  Work with someone who appreciates your company for its difference. 

The framework is not to squash you in a box.  Instead, the plan is to work with you to devise a solution that serves your business, team and customers.  And this is done through re-introducing structure in your organisation.

Chances are you don’t have the time for small talk.  But you don’t want a sticky plaster for a severed limb.  So look at what is being offered, and feel free to book a Sip & Chat to clarify any queries you may have before we get to work.  

If the concerns in your business were technical they wouldn't persist

With extensive experience across various sectors and industries, the expertise of this house makes it the best fit for your organisation.  This is about how to assist you in getting back on the right track within your business. 

You don’t need a live-in housekeeper to have an orderly home.  



All businesses are not the same

It’s impossible to serve all things to all people.  It might seem that way to others who don’t understand the importance of being set apart from the norm.  Here at CAS Ltd, working with those who understand structure plays a fundamental role in the success of any business.

With a wealth of experience across industries, it is appreciated that no two businesses are the same, and as such, the expectations must complement the individuals 

It's not about me, it's about you.

Any successful business will have a well-oiled system running in the background.  At CAS Ltd, this has been dubbed HouseRules, which are made up of three elements:

  • Policies and procedures 
  • Internal community 
  • Ethics

The starting point is to look at the policies and procedures in your business.  Are they accessible, being followed, clear and relevant?  These are just a few questions that you can ask yourself.  However, it will require you to be honest and objective. 

Looking at your business with fresh eyes is not always possible.  That’s where The Ethical Strategist enters, somewhat like a house inspector, to review if you are doing as you said you would.

Empowerment through understanding

Something always goes wrong at the most inconvenient time.  You have a deadline that you come dangerously close to missing.  What is your natural reaction?

  • A massive sign of relief that you made it in the nick of time.
  • Shout, scream and bawl at the team to do better next time.
  • Look for a new team or new supplier.

And when it happens again, you’re bewildered or offended that your team are not taking you seriously.  After all, you are the boss and should be respected.

Unless you understand the power of HouseRules, you will never think of looking at your policies, procedures or processes.  Ensuring that they flow as succinctly as your strategy to capture the attention of your ideal client.

When we partner that is the primary focus.  What are the processes, systems and practices that you have in place.  Are they serving your internal community to enable them to carry out their role in the most efficient manner?  It could be that you need to undertake a dust off, a clean up or a major clear out and start again.

This house is an ally supporting your journey to greatness.

When something goes wrong in a business, it can be traced back to a breach of a policy or the lack of one being present.  No thought has been given to what happens should something other than the desired outcome occur.

You then have individuals taking it upon themselves to decide the best course of action, which is not always 

As the one in charge, exercise your options.

The final decision rest with you. Either you want to continue on the rollercoaster of uncertainty, or you want to regain control of situation.  There are a number of ways we can work together.  From one-off conversations in the Humming session to working together on a project to get your house in order.

Ready to Work with This House?

Whether you are a starting out, have been doing this for a while or are ready to make you exist, The Ethical Strategist is here to streamline your business.

Few give thought to practices and systems that need to be in place for a smooth-running business.  However, one of the greatest pleasures is to guide business owners and their teams through the importance of having order within the organisation.  It is not about being restrictive or feeding an unhealthy ego.  It’s so the company can accomplish great things and positively impact individuals within and external to the business.  

There will be a stage of transformation for all businesses, and how impactful it will be is in your control as the leader.  If you neglect to maintain your HouseRules, you open yourself to chaos and countless problems.  This will only detract from the main objective, the growth of the business.  

CAS Ltd aspires to work with SMEs to inspire confidence that they can be smaller but mighty with authentic HouseRules.

Smiling Cas Johnson

Cas Johnson

Founder of
Corporate Administrative Solutions Limited

CAS Ltd with The Ethical Strategist, Cas Johnson Calmly aggressive in reintroducing mutual loyalty and ethical practices into your business allowing you the freedom to step away and enjoy your desired dolce vita.

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."

– Mark Twain

Let's get your house in order