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Authentic Business Building: Stop with Know Like Trust

The Three Cs of an Authentic Business

There is the constant regurgitation of current trends and best practices when embarking on a successful authentic business. “Know Like Trust” (KLT) is the phrase of the moment. Anyone in the game for a minute is sharing these pearls of wisdom with anyone who will listen.  

The question I have found myself repeatedly asking if it’s so simple, why are new business owners finding it so hard to get established and live the dream? Indulge me for a moment and consider there has been an oversight. KLT may be a part of business; however, it is not the preliminary steps.  Possibly the sprinkle of season or the garnish on a plate.

Our latest discussion in Clubhouse offers an alternative view, which may convince you of an alternative methodology of doing business.  I shall summarise the highlights of my own take aways of getting authentic in your life, brand and business.

Coach Ebony Green and Coach Phyllis Williams-Strawder and I have identified the three Cs. These key components encompass your Life, Brand and Business, which all business owners should demonstrate to have a successful and authentic business.


"If you are an entrepreneur without confidence in your being and doing, you are in love with what you THINK you can do and denying what you KNOW you can be."

#CoachEbonySays for the day

The quote needs little to no interpretation. It is a powerful statement. Individuals in business need to have confidence within themselves and their ability to have a successful business (that is my takeaway).  

In previous conversations, we have presented having a deep healthy ego. Once familiar with that thought process, it will be easier to comprehend that this goes beyond arrogance. As an individual, you will have the ability to move out from that place of comfort to achieve your greatness.   

The conviction of visualising that achievement is not coming from an external source of KLT. The strength and resolve are already present before customer opinions are received. 


The customer is not interested in your product or service because you are the one delivering it. The customer’s primary instinct is to ask, “What have you done for me lately?”. It is not the time to boogie on down to the track of Janet Jackson but give it a thought for a moment.  

How many times have you received vouchers in the post for money off your shopping as a “thank you” for being a loyal customer? Loyalty cards and points schemes are another way of a business giving back to their customer. These are subtle ways, through brand strategies of enticing the ideal customer to spend their money with you because you are offering, effectively a peppercorn in exchange for their allegiance.


 Once the individual has the clarity of what they can do in business and is confident taking the necessary action through their character, the final ingredient is consistency. Retention and conversion of your target audience into loyal followers requires a commitment; to always present yourself with the same standards. 

As my area of expertise, let’s look at this in more detail.

The supermarket wars and the constant fight to be amongst the top five have seen them offering multi-buy deals, the price matching with the competitors and the loyalty schemes. The strategies have refocused over time. It is evident where the core ingredients were missing.

Now companies, have refined their offerings to loyal followers as they send additional vouchers and deals through the post and at the till point, which is more aligned to what the customer wants (not what they want to get rid of!). An example that comes to mind, standing at Sainsbury’s checkout having a never-ending reel of vouchers printing. Almost every time I shop, I receive this small incentive to return.

Louis Vuitton markets their products at a higher price point, confident enough not to offer discounted prices, flash sales or money off coupons. LV is consistent with its character of being exclusive and of exceptional quality.  

Like many other luxury brands, it was not merely waiting for their ideal customer to validate the offering. The ownership of singing the praise of the product or service starts with the offeror. Think about it; the chef does not wait for the diners to praise their best dish. The chef special is the determination of the chef himself (may all the forces be with you if you think otherwise!).

The Authentic Business Round Up

Once an entrepreneur is fearless with their abilities in what they plan to achieve, they can share it through the right messaging to attract the persons of their choosing. Being authentic to oneself in business requires clarity to come from within. Only then will you be confident to transmit the message to the world. This will resonate with your ideal audience attracting them to your business.

When a person customer engages for the first time, KLT is not the dominant component. Instead, consistency builds intrigue and curiosity to take notice and investigate further. Ultimately, a balanced combination of the three Cs will have you attracting the right people who are willing to “dip their toes”. Only when the conversion from follower to the loyal customer takes place does KLT make an appearance.

To legitimately know, like and trust any entity, you must experience it first-hand, not sit in the wings observing. Those not prepared to engage in your services or purchase your product deem you a risk.   They are unprepared to take the gamble.

What are your thoughts? I am always open to another point of view to ponder and possibly reassess the situation. My passion for an authentic and ethical business derives from witnessing others doing business to chase money.

There is a greater purpose beyond making money in this world. To deny that is to prevent yourself from true happiness. Working with businesses as a facilitator to align the right individuals to form the best teams to drive the business and protect you through your policies contributes to the success of your business.  

Working with me ensures you enjoy doing something worthwhile in your business and life.   

Calmly assertive in bringing about change within businesses and building trusted internal communities so the leaders can realise the whole dream.  To have a company that facilitates “la dolce vita”. 

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