Have confidence in business when you know it's not all about KLT

Three “C”s Before Know Like Trust

The Three Cs of an Authentic Business

“Know Like Trust” (KLT) was on everyone’s lips a couple of years ago. 

The question I have repeatedly asked is, if it’s so simple, why are new business owners finding it hard to get established and live the dream?  Indulge me for a moment and consider there has been an oversight.  KLT may be a part of business; however, they are not the preliminary steps.

The base ingredients for this mix are the three Cs before KLT.  When you combine these three elements in and business, how can you do anything but succeed?

This is an update on a previous discussion in our GAFF Clubhouse room that offered an alternative view.  Coach Ebony Green, Coach Phyllis Williams-Strawder, and I identified the three Cs:

  • Confidence (Life)
  • Character (Brand)
  • Consistency (Business)

All business owners should demonstrate these key components to have a successful and authentic business.


"If you are an entrepreneur without confidence in your being and doing, you are in love with what you THINK you can do and denying what you KNOW you can be."

#CoachEbonySays for the day

The quote needs little to no interpretation. It is a powerful statement. Individuals in business need to have confidence in themselves and their ability to have a successful business (that is my takeaway).  

In previous conversations, we have presented having a deep healthy ego. Once familiar with that thought process, it will be easier to comprehend that this goes beyond arrogance. As an individual, you can move out from that place of comfort to achieve your greatness.   

The conviction of visualising that achievement is not coming from an external source of KLT. The strength and resolve are already present before customer opinions are received. 

Want to do business differently

Have confidence in business when you know it's not all about KLT

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The second of the three Cs is character.  Nothing is more attention-grabbing.  Stand out from the crowd with something more than a gimmick, special offer, or performance you’ve seen others doing.  Think about how you are going to maintain your client base.  Start as you mean to go on.

Decide what is going to be the constant in your business.  What can the customer come to expect?  For some, it’s the experience. For others is convenience. Then, whatever you decide, capture that purpose in your HouseRules.

This is the brand of your business.   If and when you are challenged, rather than attempting to convey a concept, finish the work so you can direct people to your policies and practices.   Your audience will be attracted to your message and appreciate clear boundaries.   This makes your job more manageable if you can master the final C.

You have to have the right structure in business to succeed with KLT

Take inspiration from what's is already out there.

Remember, people are loyal for different reasons, not just price.  Imagine eating at a restaurant where you set your table, and there’s no one to take your order.  Yet Nando’s is a success. 

Likewise, having to offload the shopping trolley to scan and pay only to reload the trolley to pack your bags in the packing area.  Instead of going somewhere, they offer to help pack and always have those exotic items that no one else seems to stock.  

You need the confidence to compliment the character to stand out from the crowd.  You must be bold enough to stand in your difference and draw attention to your business.

Ensure your policies, procedures, and processes manage the expectations and deliver what has been promised.  And remember to keep your boldness in check!


The most challenging task of all.  In the beginning, it’s intentional.  The purpose aligns with the promotion strategy.  However, not all have perseverance or patience.  Soon enough, the focus is solely on sales and bringing a steady cash flow. Without finishing the character branding stage strategy, the boundaries and rules implementation, at the first sign of a challenge, you will be convinced that following the crowd is the right action.

A solid structure will assist you in regaining your balance and getting back on track.  Through repetition, you will find your groove, settle into your HouseRules, and the unique difference will attract others.  People want to buy from a business that offers something different to the norm.  People want to work with organisations doing something different and meaningful beyond profit.   

To remain consistent, to show others that you are serious, commit to it in writing and your daily practices.  Companies are reevaluating what they are putting out as their “lead magnet”.  We hear more about where products are sourced and the impact on the environment or working conditions.  Businesses are becoming less transactional. Therefore the boilerplate policies no longer serve those looking to build a lasting legacy. 

Focus on Three Cs Before KLT

Be fearless in your planning because you know a market out there needs exactly what you have to offer.  Concentrate on delivering it in a manner that is in keeping with who you are, not some perceived mode of what you should be.  Make it your mantra until it happens on autopilot.

It will begin to resonate with those looking for different, for those who can’t put it into words but are intrigued by your bold difference from the norm.  Audience attracting them to your business.  Before they get to know you, authentically like you or fully trust you, your potential client will take a risk and follow that curiosity to engage because they are attracted to your confidence and character.  And after monitoring you for some time, they are impressed by your consistency. 

Time, you will have already realised, is more valuable than money, but both have to be used wisely to succeed.  To gain a clearer picture of what is so you can create a plan of action, start with an audit.  You have choices; make an informed decision. 

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