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Hush Holidays: Navigating Deceit in the Workplace

Another day, another emerging trend in the workplace—hush holidays. As a business owner, you may be understandably concerned about this new level of potential deceit from your employees. So this time, let’s look at the rising trend of hush holidays, explore the implications, and provide actionable strategies to foster trust and collaboration within your micro business.

Understanding Hush Holidays

Hush holidays, a term reportedly coined by Glassdoor, describe a situation where employees work remotely from different locations without their employer’s knowledge. This trend has gained traction with the increasing acceptance of remote work, facilitated by stable internet connections and enhanced productivity.

Balancing Trust and Autonomy: The Need-to-Know Basis

Whilst executives enjoy autonomy at the upper tiers of an organisation, the same cannot necessarily be said as you move down the chain. One executive can boast that they work on a need-to-know basis and will continue to do so, raising questions about transparency and trust across the entire workforce. 

This calls for careful consideration of the balance between trust and autonomy. It’s time to review your policies and procedures to ensure they support all individuals in the internal community.

“Making the most of every opportunity is a big priority for many people, more than ever before..."


Employees discovered working outside their home/country


Declining confidence for HR knowing where workers are


Extremely likely to go on a hush holiday.


Have already planned a hush holiday!

The "Ask for Forgiveness" Policy

In the face of crises like the Great Resignation and persistent staff shortages, employees have embraced a “do first, ask later” approach. This policy allows them to navigate the uncertainty and capitalise on the silence surrounding hush holidays. However, it presents significant concerns for business owners seeking stability and integrity in their workforce.

HR professionals are reported to be tearing their hair out. Over time, the odds are stacked against them, regaining control. However, when employees are proving to be more productive and enjoying a better quality of life, is it really that serious?

When there is a risk of a boss saying no simply because they can or don’t feel they have the time to consider the request.  Taking the path of least resistance seems to be a savvy move.  It’s not so easy to ignore a policy that is enforced, and the individual is fully aware of the consequences.

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Unveiling the Potential Risks of Hush Holidays

There are several genuine risks associated with hush holidays, aside from the ethical concerns that come with intentionally deceiving someone in a trust-based relationship. These risks include
  • potential tax implications,
  • security breaches,
  • non-compliance with regulations, and
  • the possible impact on employee rights and labour laws.

Acknowledging and tackling these potential dangers is crucial to protect your company.

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The Importance of Clear Expectations

After more than 1,200 days since the first lockdown, it is surprising that many businesses still lack remote working or work-from-home policies. Building trust becomes an uphill battle when expectations are unclear. Taking the lead and establishing a comprehensive plan is essential for clarity within your internal community. 

Establishing Clear Expectations and Planning

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As the work landscape rapidly evolves, it is crucial not to overlook planning for the future. By taking proactive steps, you can navigate the challenges posed by hush holidays, mitigate potential liabilities, and foster a culture of trust, collaboration, and success within your micro business. Explore our website for further guidance on addressing hush holidays and creating a thriving, united workplace.

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