HouseRules:Your Weapon Against Imposter Syndrome - stop sweating the unimportant things and let's get to work

HouseRules: Your Weapon Against Imposter Syndrome

Hey there, fellow business aficionados! Ready to conquer the world and kick imposter syndrome to the kerb? Well, fear not because I’ve got the practice solution to share with you. HouseRules – your ultimate toolkit for building a business with a structure that elevates you from the rest.

Imposter syndrome?

If you don’t know by now, building a business requires three key elements, one of them being an Internal Community. Trust me, failing to communicate and connect with your team will only make your entrepreneurial journey more treacherous in this cutthroat world of business.
Just like your reliable neighbours who bring in your bins and handle your deliveries when you miss your return flight from a fantastic holiday that was ending too soon. Your internal community has your back. So, go ahead and seek out their opinions, embrace their ideas, and include them in your decision-making process. It’s like gathering knowledge with a side of teamwork!

You have options that you can explore and take the lead to gaining the balance and peace of mind

Be organised, and fend off those pesky imposters!

Here’s a thought: not being organised is like an ” inability to see the wood from the trees” analogy, so obvious yet often overlooked. Gain and give regular feedback to those around you. Trust me, we all have a tendency to concoct dramatic stories in our minds (ever heard of “jouska“?). It can feel pretty lonely when you’re still adjusting to your role as the head honcho.
But let me reassure you that feeling out of place or thinking others are better than you is nothing more than jouska. This isn’t the school playground anymore. It’s time to clarify your goals, embrace the Three Cs before KLT (Know, Like, Trust), and stand firm in your beliefs. Don’t get distracted by others offering nothing new. Your innovative thoughts are about to make waves and inspire change. But remember, you need a solid support system for yourself and your internal community. You will come to appreciate that safety net that will be your tailored HouseRules.

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Eliminate fear with HouseRules - the ultimate confidence booster!

Ah, fear, that pesky little devil that holds us back. It’s time to show it the door. Feeling like you lack skills or capability? Think everyone around you is better? Well, have you bothered to ask? Some may have adopted the mantra “fake it ’til you make it,” while the genuine imposters are devoid of any doubts whatsoever.
Now, let’s not confuse those butterflies in your stomach or pre-presentation nerves with Imposter Syndrome. There’s good and bad stress; trust me, the exhilaration you feel after conquering those challenges is never as bad as you imagine it to be.
Sure, establishing your own company comes with hurdles and obstacles aplenty, but why add unnecessary challenges? You’re the mastermind behind this organisation. You’ve carefully crafted relationships from the get-go, so there’s no need to fear feeling isolated or foolish for seeking advice and opinions. You’ve got an idea of what rules need to be in place to foster business growth. And here’s the best part: those rules aren’t set in stone. If they don’t work for your company, change them up! Flexibility is the name of the game.

Your concerns may not be new but they are specific to your business. Boilerplate templates don't take into account your USP. But if your serious about doing it differently, it's time you create your HouseRules.

Imposter syndrome is just a reaction to the unknown, fueled by the misconception that you must do it alone. But fear not, my friend! You may know my background for video calls that says, “Allow yourself space for grace,” is a reminder for clients that we’re in this together. We’ll navigate this new terrain at a pace that works for you. Mistakes are just fine because failure only occurs when you refuse to embrace your new role as a trailblazing leader.
So go forth, armed with HouseRules and sass in your stride. Forget about imposter syndrome and embrace the confident, structured entrepreneur within you. Remember, success is just a few HouseRules away!

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