As the head of the company bossing up is more that pretending to listen.

Boss Up with HouseRules

When writing this, it’s the last day of the first quarter.  Resolutions made for the start of a new year are faded and forgotten.  You’re either patting yourself on the back for achieving those targets or commiserating and preparing for a pep talk.
Entering the next quarter with more fire and enthusiasm – you won’t accept no as an answer.  Failure is not an option.  However, it won’t matter how much drive you have when you’re focused on the wrong aspect of the business.
That’s because the chaos will keep you in stagnation. So if you want to surprise yourself with great success as the head of this business, it’s time to look at your HouseRules.

Boundaries in place

Implement the rules of your house.  This is not to be restrictive or oppressive.  It draws a clear line informing everyone of the remit they have to function in.  It may stoke your arrogance initially that you see to be the font of all knowledge.
But that feeling of being indispensable soon transforms into chains, trying you to the business. On the other hand, it gives the individuals in your internal community autonomy to work in their way to deliver the results you’ve forecasted for the business.
This is not only empowering for the individual, but it’s also beneficial for the organisation as you begin to see the strength and value of each individual.  As you plan for the future, you will know who will lead and manage the project best.

When it’s coming at you from all sides, it’s almost forgivable that your HouseRules are pushed to the back burner.  But, unfortunately, although you can’t see imminent danger, that doesn’t mean you can predict when things will get blown out of portion.

Why put off what you can authorise to be done today so you are at least made aware of what could be lurking in the shadows?  Too dramatic?  Try conversing with a business owner in a similar position to you who has ended up in hot waters for no compliance and complacency.

Proactive Listening

What have you heard so far? Have you taken this onboard feedback pointing out areas for improvement? At CAS Ltd, it is to recognise the warning signs before it develops into problems. Those in charge can often be so wrapped up in what they hope to achieve that they only hear what is being said. Worthwhile information that will allow them to sidestep the chaos and stay on track to accomplishing the goal.
Listening does not automatically mean agreeing with what is being said. However, don’t tune out to valuable information when offered willingly. It can be a balancing act where you have to consider what is the best step forward for your business. It’s one of the huge responsibilities of being a boss!
It can be anything from the product or service you are offering to the lack of enthusiasm from the team. “It’s my business, so my rules are final” is a dated approach to conducting business. And let’s face it, if you could do it all by yourself, why did you onboard a team or make your offerings public?

Take Action

When is the right time to take action? Sorry, there is no easy answer to this. That’s why business owners must understand their policies and procedures in place. Unfortunately, the lack of clarity means that when something goes wrong, they have no idea where to start fixing it.
A business with a team will automatically resort to HR as the only solution. But HR’s role is to enforce the policy that is there. If you don’t have one, they can offer a template that doesn’t consider your business’s uniqueness. Instead, it’s generic.
It may be tailored to your business sector if you’re lucky enough. This mixed messaging is confusing and dishearted to those who have come on board because of your difference. And it doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem. You’re merely treating the symptoms.
With HouseRules, you value your internal community. You intend to keep your word, and your policies and procedures are to support this dynamic. When you get into the habit of monitoring the running of the business, you can tweak and make changes as you go along.
Finally, when your business has evolved to the point where the rules to your house no longer serve the communities, you will know your business well enough to actively write your policies and procedures. This is the goal of The Ethical Strategist and the way you boss up in your industry with your HouseRules and become a leader.

You know that I understand time is valuable.  That’s why I want you to take action and not squander the time you believe you have to waste.

Book that Sip & Chat to discuss concerns you keep putting off until tomorrow.  My calendar is open to all, but there’s a limit on the number of working relationships at any time.  And I’d hate for you to miss out.

The Ethical Strategist - Cas Johnson is on hand to guide through how to boss up the ethical way with HouseRules in business

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