A brown woman with a head covering dressed smartly wearing a compassionate smile. Those who know better recognise where the could be gaps in their policies and have them reviewed

Those Who Know Better Should Do Better – Is Your Team Ignoring Policy Gaps

“Those who know better should do better.” However, exercising compassion and reason is not always at the forefront of the minds of those in charge. CAS Ltd is not only about having your HouseRules tailored to serve your business and internal community. Equally important is about applying ethical strategies to succeed in all endeavours. Through a

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Taking the lead in business requires clarity

Taking the Lead in Business

Taking the lead in business goes beyond selecting a title. As business owners, we have a duty to educate our clientele. Too often sales and marketing consume every second of our time.  Then it’s a surprise when the sale is not finalised or returned. Negative feedback no matter how constructive falls on blocked ears.  However

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Navigating a construction business requires a structure that works for your team and client - when you master the secret you will feel like you're winning. Celebrate with a Spring Dust Off

Navigating A Construction Business

Most construction business advice focuses on operations, work sites, and front-facing roles. But success really comes from what’s happening behind the scenes. The administrative engine running your company. Are you ready to dive into those overlooked back-office tips your competitors likely aren’t sharing? Establish Efficient Business Processes Your administration team’s first duty is this: Put

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