A man wearing thick rimmed glasses and a bread with a curious facial expression. Re-energise your work culture in a different way to the usual practices.

Re-energise Your Work Culture

If you’re thinking about how to re-energise your work culture and increase productivity amongst the team, here is something that you’ve probably not considered. Before throwing yourself into the pizza ordering or fancy biscuits and chocolates, let’s look at the business HouseRules and see how applicable they are in the present work environment. Is your […]

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Going beyond Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Policies and tailoring your rules in the business like this man in a finely tailored tree piece suit.

Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Policies

When is the right time to go beyond one-size-fits-all work policies? The latest trend is for individuals work “near” home (WNH) and it is said this is likely to replace WFH. By now you will know that I have something to say on this so let’s get into it. Question Limiting Assumptions Although some individuals

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