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Abandon Standard Remote Work Policies

The Pitfalls of Standard Remote Work Policies

Trust me, you will want to abandon standard remote work policies after reading this insight. As the flexible working trends continue, the latest is for individuals to work “near” home (WNH) and it is said this is likely to replace WFH. By now you will know that I have something to say on this so let’s get into it.

Recognising the Diversity of Preferences

Although some individuals prefer to work away from home, it doesn’t mean this is the new rule for all. When will it dawn on these people reporting the trends that one size fits all doesn’t look good on everyone and the new doesn’t cancel out the existing? As a business owner, treat new information as potential additional options. Much like a pick ‘n’ mix stand, select what’s most suited to your organisation.

Getting Real About Remote Work Policies and Workspaces

Indeed, many don’t have the home set up where it’s comfortable to work from home. During the first lockdown, I had to liaise with individuals who only had their bedroom as their private space. Their “work from home” meant working hunched over on their bed trying to balance a workstation on a mattress that doubled as seating and desk space. Others had a rota with their flat/housemates on who would get the kitchen table.

Crafting Remote Work Policies That Please Your Workforce

Therefore, while some proclaim that they have been working from home for decades and would never return to the office – an equally flippant comment would be “Good for you!” And the same to those who start listing all the roles where WFH is practically impossible. Whilst it would be preferred to allow common sense to prevail when making comments, it’s more important for the owners and those in charge to consider what to implement within the company.

Finding the Right Balance for Your Workforce

When crafting remote work policies, it’s crucial to strike a balance between accommodating employee preferences and maintaining business productivity. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely succeeds in pleasing everyone, as individual circumstances and needs can vary greatly. Effective remote work policies should offer flexibility while providing clear guidelines and expectations.

By gathering feedback from your workforce and considering their diverse perspectives, you can develop remote work policies that foster engagement, satisfaction, and a positive work culture. This collaborative approach not only increases buy-in from employees but also ensures that your policies are practical and aligned with the realities of your business.

Conducting Regular Remote Work Policy Reviews

The HouseRules approach ensures that all individuals fully understand the practices and processes that create the culture allowing them to aspire and be inspired. It’s possible to spot where procedures may have become biased or misaligned with values through structured, periodic reviews of your remote work policies. This prevents inflexible thinking and the takeover of toxicity.

HouseRules guides leaders through an ethical analysis of remote work policies to determine what works, what needs refinement, and what should be rewritten entirely. Like a regular business checkup, it diagnoses issues before escalation.

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Remote Work Policies: Balancing Individual Needs and Business Goals

Remember, crafting effective remote work policies goes beyond accommodating individual preferences. When employees work outside the secure settings of the workplace, it introduces additional factors that need to be addressed:

Maintaining Confidentiality and Information Security

  • Confidential information security becomes a critical concern when employees access sensitive data remotely.
  • Robust data protection measures, such as encryption and secure access protocols, must be implemented.
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity training and guidelines are essential for remote workers.

Fostering a Continuous Internal Community

  • Remote work can potentially hinder internal communication, collaboration, and team dynamics.
  • Remote work policies should emphasise virtual team-building activities and regular check-ins.
  • Establishing clear channels for knowledge-sharing and maintaining a strong company culture is crucial.
A man peeping over the shoulder of a woman as she catches up on the latest Ethical Insights on her phone. When considering remote working practices, you should consider the security of your business

Ensuring Adequate Tech and Resources

  • Providing employees with the necessary tech tools and resources is vital for productive remote work.
  • Assess hardware, software, and infrastructure requirements for remote workers.
  • Implement a support system for troubleshooting technical issues encountered by remote employees.

There will be policies, practices, and processes that you will need to put in place or review to ensure that you’re serving the team while continuing to run the business as usual (or as close to it as possible). Striking the right balance between individual needs and business goals is key to successful remote work policies.

Taking the First Steps Towards Effective Remote Work Policies

These are a few areas that need careful consideration when deciding whether to offer “working near home” or other flexible remote options. While there are advantages to remote working, it’s crucial to take practical steps to facilitate implementation and review your current practices.

Some initial steps could include:

  • Surveying your team to gather insights and preferences regarding remote work policies
  • Offering a trial period for hybrid or remote working arrangements to assess feasibility

Reviewing and updating your current policies is an ideal starting point before making any significant changes. This ensures a smooth transition and minimises potential disruptions to your operations.

What kind of impression are you wanting to make? If it’s lasting and meaningful so that others know you’re serious about business, then you can’t mindlessly follow the crowd. Careful contemplation about your business structure and remote work policies will attract like-minded individuals, which in turn will:

  • Make it easier to build an engaging culture of contributors
  • Having clear guidance and processes will encourage trust
  • High retention, low turnover, and an invested, evolving internal community.

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The Key to Successful Remote Work Policies: Regular Review and Adaptation

When developing an internal community, remote work policies should offer the right guidance. Blanket assumptions or one-size-fits-all solutions seldom suffice or allow for extensive growth and engagement in the organisation. Leaders need to be aware of diverse perspectives, home situations, and business capabilities to create remote work policies that offer flexibility without introducing new problems.

Regular policy reviews help spot where protocols no longer fit the evolving needs of your business. Abandoning standard remote work policies may seem rebellious, but if it builds a stronger work culture aligned with your values, the potential benefits outweigh the perceived risks. Your business deserves the tailored efficiency that you envisioned, and the HouseRules approach provides an ethical, collaborative process for evaluating options and moving your business forward constructively.

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