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Know Like & Trust Your HouseRules

The mantra of any business owner before long is Know Like and Trust.  This is how you will get customers and clients.  This will be how you can make those 10k months and beyond.  The focus of the business is almost wholly external.  You spend so much time pleasing others that you end up sacrificing your house.  Your business is a chaotic headache of disorder, and it’s past time you showed some TLC to those closest to you.

Know Your Business

The number of business owners who have started not knowing their obligations and duties is scary. It takes more than a passion for having a successful business. Without structure and clarity of your limits, you will have little success getting a cohesive message to your audience.

Start with knowing, liking and trusting what your business has to offer before making any unwitting sacrifices and fooling yourself into believing you are putting that message out to potential customers.

Don’t get caught out and your knuckles rapped. Instead, start with a plan after you’ve thought in detail about the business’s direction. Then share that plan with others as they join the team. Harmonious relationships thrive on shared understanding.

Knowing who you want to serve and your offerings is not even half of it.

One of the most common oversights for an online business is failing to comprehend the return and refund policy.

By cutting corners and relying on others, business owners leave themselves open to the risks of being reprimanded by the law, paying out unnecessary costs and compensation and wasting time justifying an easy-to-fix anomaly.

Check out the Refund Policy Review if you want peace of mind that your policy complies with the consumer’s statutory rights.

Like your Decisions

Have you ever got caught up in the moment, the excitement of having a sale about to go through, only to be caught out? Then, you decide on a whim that no sooner have you accepted than you have the feeling of regret.

With a clear strategy in place and laying down the HouseRules of your organisation for all to see, this should be a rare occurrence.  An indication that your policies need updating to support the changes within the company.

Constantly being caught off guard and feeling that you are offering more than what you’re being compensated for will disillusion you.  But first, you must like what you are offering before you have the confidence and conviction to sell to others.

Trust your Policies

Develop good working habits to pave the way to the next step.  Prevention is better than cure, so have a structure that promotes organisation.  These are essential traits to enjoying a prosperous business.

It’s not about drip-feeding information or waiting for the request to come through.  This is inefficient and fails to build the relations needed to elevate the company. Instead, consider your policies a letter of affection, setting out what you expect and what you will give in return.

You and anyone representing your company are to commit to those promises.  Therefore you can see why the individuals of your internal community must be in the know.  The last thing you want to be known for is not keeping your word.

You can't create lasting relations if your house is in disarray. Know Like and Trust your structure and procedures to put your best on offer.

Combining HouseRules

Your rules and team can work harmoniously for a time when the business is approaching its growth stage.  Everyone will be familiar with the business’s values and working towards that common goal.

Your HouseRules are not set in stone and will be adaptable to accommodate the growth if adequately incorporated into the business.  Periodic reviews will highlight when updates are necessary.  And the best part is that your internal community will have the understanding and sense of being a part of the company to be able to speak up.  

By empowering individuals with knowledge of the business, they can actively contribute to its success.  If they are not contributing, it’s a clear indication for you to take action and investigate further.  Without a clear structure, you will enjoy such liberties.  Problems are not easily identifiable; therefore, the know, like and trust is missing from the equation inside the organisation, which transfers to relations outside the business.

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