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A brown woman with a head covering dressed smartly wearing a compassionate smile. Those who know better recognise where the could be gaps in their policies and have them reviewed

Those Who Know Better Should Do Better – Is Your Team Ignoring Policy Gaps

“Those who know better should do better.” However, exercising compassion and reason is not always at the forefront of the minds of those in charge. CAS Ltd is not only about having your HouseRules tailored to serve your business and internal community. Equally important is about applying ethical strategies to succeed in all endeavours. Through a …

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A mature man dressed formally in a suit wearing glasses with a sceptical expression how to tell the telltale signs of change.

The Telltale Signs of Change

What a difference a week makes. And the revelations of the last six days will take several moments for the world of business to absorb. Yes, I’m referring to the saga that is Open AI. Let’s have an interruption of the scheduled Ethical Insight as we look into the signs of an internal community in …

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Contemplating to take on another task but this has a solution at the end and a restful night's sleep. Book a Spring Dust Off A Guide for Leaders: Embracing the Voice of the Team

A Guide for Leaders: Embracing the Voice of the Team

When I came across an article advising employees on how to voice concerns to managers it was a good opportunity to highlight the contrast between an atypical business approach and the ethical strategy of HouseRules. While well-intentioned, its recommendations could inadvertently stifle open communication in the workplace. In this post, I’ll outline more constructive approaches …

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A man blindfolded with his tie peeping through too sneak a look

A Game of Show and Tell

The game of show and tell in the business world needs updating. Why is it acceptable to display your refund and delivery information but not your anti-bullying or social media policies easily accessible to potential new recruits? Recruiters encourage jobseekers to go onto the company website and their social media channels to d their due …

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Three men looking very intimidating in appearance - having a particular approach to change management

Change Management

Change management can be applied in many different ways.  You can have a complete overall team or department, or you can have more minor actions that streamline the running of the business and is more appealing to the affected individuals.  Those who can don’t stand around overseeing, from personal experience, the intention is always to …

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A man trying to protect himself from a giant spike-heeled foot from crushing him. The demise of the tech culture

The demise of the tech culture

Who would have thought the tech culture’s demise would happen this way?  You must have heard of the utopia, a relaxed environment in tees and jeans.  Good snacks, flexible working, a long list of benefits and excellent compensation for doing things that no one outside the niche understands. In one week, we’ve been greeted with …

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