You can relax once you know the benefits of consistency over repetition in business

Consistency Over Repetition in Business

Do you know the difference between repetition and consistency when it comes to maximising the success of your business? Firstly you must determine what is crucial to your business model. Once clear, concentrate on incorporating the practice to achieve the aspiration. As the ruler of your castle, it’s part of your responsibility to drive positive results. However, that can only be easier achieved with active consistency, not mindless repetition.

Lazy Repetition

Worst case scenario is winning and then not knowing how to repeat that success. As a self-confessed, proud lazy person, I can share the notetaking as we go along is so that when I have to do it again, it a motto of right first time.

Business owners can drive themselves to destruction trying to recreate what worked to their advantage. It is only through repetition that you begin to fall into an unconscious rhythm. The beauty of having HouseRules is that you are actively following through and therefore when you need to freestyle you can make a note. Does it work? Is it only for this instance or is it worth updating the procedure?

Before you can become remotely nonchalant with your approach to doing business well, being clear on the HouseRules will save you from the strain of always being on hand. Instead, you’ll have a workable strategy to accomplish another win.

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If it Ain't Broken

To only take action when you have no other choice is not the behaviour of a driven business leader. A person who cares about their car will have it regularly serviced. It brings peace of mind that the vehicle is running at its optimal performance. They get a “heads up” on what is likely to need attention soon or what to keep an eye on.

In many cases when you wait for complete failure, the cost is eye-watering. You then enter into an unnecessary race against the odds to turn matters around. A business that needs to be rescued is neither admired nor sought after. However, there are so many business owners who get stuck on repeat, singing the mantra if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. They are not leaders inspiring others.

“Making the most of every opportunity is a big priority for many people, more than ever before..."

Back to Basics

A company is legally its own “person” or entity. Therefore, anyone working for the company should not be acting for themselves. Instead, they will be acting on behalf of the company. Rest assured that you don’t have to have a registered company to apply this logic. The importance is that you recognise and build a business that has its own personality, putting in place a structure. 

Failing to have a brand in place will prevent you from establishing effective HouseRules. And without HouseRules you will never achieve the consistency to allow you the opportunity to step away from the business.

Avoid Repetition Blindness

Doing something on repeat can become monotonous to the point where you are running on autopilot. Then, when something unexpected happens, you’re at a complete loss.  

Every once in a while a Clean Up is necessary to prevent the internal community from becoming complacent. A timely reset can be like a fresh “lick of paint” on walls that we failed to realise were dull.  

Policy reviews can be time-consuming, especially when business is buzzing. To review the current practices and process you have to be objective. That in itself can be challenging for a person where it’s their daily role. That’s why working with The Ethical Strategist brings fresh eyes and avoids autocorrecting the discrepancies.


You don't have to do it alone

There are a choice of bespoke packages that allow you to decide how much guidance you need to get over this hurdle.

When you have your house in order you show up consistently with purpose and HouseRules.


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