Close up of a man wearing glasses with HouseRules will have you moving from working in the business to on the business

Move From Working IN to ON Your Business

Grow to the point where you’re not working IN your business anymore but rather working ON your business. There is always a smug so-and-so to drop this cryptic gem! There is rarely a cohesive follow up to get those struggling to understand what that means in practice. Let’s break it down and remove any unnecessary awkwardness.

Enjoy but have purpose

Personally, I would advocate for most business owners starting off by working in the business. It allows you to experience first-hand the particular challenges. Then you can put in place a structure and rules that are tailored to achieve a successful outcome.
When you have repeatable steps that see you reaping the rewards then you can expand the team and you have a process and guide for the new recruit(s) to get on with. This then leaves you the time to work out how to incorporate varied requests into the existing model. It could be that an interesting opportunity is available that you can have a go at. You can only venture into expanding the business if you have HouseRules already in place to enjoy that freedom.

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Don't make yourself the cornerstone

Failing to have the right set-up and making yourself the cornerstone of the business, translates to you finding it extremely difficult to be versatile in your offerings and breaking your own barrier to elevating your accomplishments.
Remember HouseRules are not only about having the right policies. You can have the finest pot collection and the freshest food. Without the right team in place, you are still relying on potluck! So be honest and give some thought to what you are asking.

Example from the past

There was a catering company advertised for waiting on staff to serve at a private event. However, tunnel vision was towards the client only. Whilst the ad requested serving staff, when they arrived they were expected to do kitchen prep. They were informed that transportation could be arranged but they failed to mention it was only an arrangement to the job.
When the caterer was abandoned by 75% of the serving staff in the middle of an event, it was time to review the rules of the business. To which there were none that were shared with the team. As casual workers, reliant on public transportation in the middle of someone’s estate. It took one person to check the times of the last train back to London and they all dropped their trays and donned their coats.

Stop stalling your transformation

As a business owner, you have numerous responsibilities. You can be forgiven if there are times when you fail to see the obvious. It’s likely to happen if you don’t regularly review your rules and ensure that you are delivering on your declaration, not only to paying clients but to the internal community who are on board to be a part of your journey.

You don't have to do it alone

There are a choice of bespoke packages that allow you to decide how much guidance you need to get over this hurdle.

When you have your house in order you show up consistently with purpose and HouseRules.


I am The Ethical Strategist working with business owners who know that they are destined to be a leader in their area of expertise. Right now, it’s important to have in place HouseRules so you can continue to level up in business. Tired of being in this state of stalling, book your slot on the calendar and let’s get to work.

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