Three Reasons To Work with the Ethical Strategist

Remember sitting at your desk, driving in your car or simply waiting in a queue, thinking to yourself, why is this happening to me? Thoughts of the office fill you with dread. Will you have to chase again today for the umpteenth time? It is chaos! You need a break because you are at breaking point.

Tired of being the go-to person, the fixer, the one to console and encourage. Yes, you are the boss, the decision-maker, but you need a reprieve.

Stop suffering in the overwhelm of having to to do it all; working with the Ethical Strategist will allow the space to vent, action is taken and together we can build your trusted internal community

As much as you invest, the situation never seems to improve. Many have promised you the world and yet have failed to deliver the basics. The pending tray is overflowing; correspondence has not been sent. People are coming straight to you for answers and action. Even with an army of busy staff, frustration and chaos mounts. The business is all-consuming, spilling into your personal life. You are at the stage where you want to hand in your notice.

1. The Experience You Need

Over two decades of hands-on experience in several sectors, there is very little that I have not come across (or mysteriously landed on my desk). I am the connector to the other teams, the stakeholders and your listening ear.

Supporting the leaders of the business by removing the distractions and taking action where necessary. Providing tailored solutions to the essentials of your business, to the turning point of you once again feeling the balance. Working at all levels, encouraging an inclusive working environment.

Fighter for Change within business in an ethical way

Oh! did I mention the calm persona? Some have described me as magical. I prefer calm under pressure and to focus on the task at hand. Panicking only delays the solution from being achieved. A regular Mary Poppins here, when it comes to having seen and worked through it before.

A Passion for Business

The common thread for any business is the requirement for policies, procedures and processes. Policies encapsulate the mission and values of the organisation. For a truly authentic business, this is not a copy and paste affair. Nor should it be a generic document. Each policy should be tailored to the business needs taking into account any legal requirements and ethical practices.

Usually, most issues can be traced and rectified through the processes and/or procedures.  It is the function of the HR team to ensure the required policies and updates are maintained. It is not the function of the HR team to look into the procedures and processes, determining whether they are being applied correctly or if they serve the purpose of the team.

La Dolce Vita - the sweet life is the ultimate goal in and out of business

This is usually where the problems occur because it is rare for a person with enough experience and time to conduct an audit to ensure the policies are being implemented.

Having inefficient processes is like having no policy at all. While some will find a workaround, what is ultimately happening is non-compliance to the rules the leadership have put in place. This is another reason for the frustration as the chaos starts to creep in.

The Humanitarian Approach

It is common to hear people talking about their superpowers. If I was to play along, I would probably say I wear the ethical cape of justice for all. Seeing people and recognising the talents and gifts of each individual in the team.   Advising managers of when their team would be perfect for an encouraging nudge to step out of their comfort zone.

There is nothing wrong with delegating with a purpose if it benefits the team. It not only relieves you as the leader of the crazy schedule and trying to be in all places at one time.

Sometimes simple methods are the most effective in building a trusted internal community. Understanding the support a trusted team can provide is invaluable. Ensuring the right individuals who share a common purpose with your company values and mission supporting your business thrive.

Gain happiness for yourself and the people around you through recognising your internal community and the power of policies procedures and processes when implemented in an ethical manner

I listen to others unburden themselves by sharing their stresses and the constant niggling problems in their business. By having a conversation, we work through possible solutions. Know that it would be pointless reeling off a list of services when you have no clarity on what you need. The reason for us to work together is so you can hand over a concern, confident that it will be resolved.


If you are curious to find out more or would like to book a policy audit, feel free to reach out for a conversation. For a truly bespoke and caring service, I am happy to listen.

CAS Ltd, The Ethical Strategist, Cas Johnson - implementing a good policy practice will facilitate you enjoying the life you desire

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