A woman wearing a head scarf smiling because she understands The Vital Importance of Regular Policy Reviews for Businesses

The Vital Importance of Regular Policy Reviews for Businesses

Regular policy reviews are crucial for ensuring a company’s rules, procedures and values remain aligned with its evolving needs and ethical standards.  CAS Ltd not only works with you to tailor HouseRules for your business but also guides you on implementing ethical policy review.


Mr Orogbu was taken on as the Housing Director of the new department. 

Case Details

 It was agreed that he would bring in three times his salary as a team of one. He later suffered a bout of illness which at its worst, within a six-month period, included 70 days off sick and did very little work on the days he was working.

The Dimissal

After a number of meetings, the firm concluded that Mr Orogbu was grossly incompetent. He was dismissed for gross misconduct as he failed to follow the absence procedure.

When Procedures Fail - The Need for Policy Reviews

This case highlights the importance of conducting thorough policy reviews to identify and update outdated or incomplete procedures. 

Policies vs Procedures

Policies are the rules of the organisation and procedures are the guidelines to comply with those rules. Where the guidelines fail to successfully achieve the outcomes, they need to be reviewed, amended or an expectation can be made.

Outdated Procedures

There was evidence to support that Mr Orogbu’s illness was so debilitating that he was unable to carry out the simplest of tasks. Moreover, this was discussed in a meeting but minds had already been made up and the firm’s representative stuck firmly to the procedures that were not followed.
Notably, the report states how the situation was exacerbated by the personal and professional commitments of members of the firm. The indication that some procedures and processes were either outdated or incomplete.

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The Benefits of Regular Policy Reviews

This situation demonstrates that even industry veterans need policy reviews as no one is immune from getting policies wrong. Policies and procedures impact every employee, so reviews should come from an objective lens. Often, the person responsible for enforcing a policy day-to-day is unable to take a step back. Over time, wearing procedural blinders can inadvertently develop.
CAS Ltd recommends a third-party periodic review to remove bias. Some key benefits include:
  • Brings a fresh perspective from someone not entrenched in the status quo
  • Allows patterns causing inefficiencies or conflicts to surface
  • Ensures policies continue reflecting the organisation’s changing needs and values.
Long-standing members of the company provide important context during the review process. However, an outsider’s analysis is vital for highlighting areas where rigid thinking may have settled in. Together with The Ethical Strategist, we can combine external expertise with internal knowledge to collaborate on impactful policy optimisation.

Don't Let Outdated Policies Hold Your Business Back

Without adequate administration and monitoring, policies risk becoming heavy-handed directives rather than living documents. The approach of CAS Ltd is for business owners and their trusted teams to be in a position of understanding.

To clarify, being in a position to comprehend why each policy is in place allows you to flag, question or alert when a situation doesn’t fit the existing guidelines. It enables interpreting the rules fairly and compassionately before issues escalate – ensuring everyone has a level of accountability.

Don’t let outdated or misaligned policies hinder your company’s growth and ethical standards. Take control by booking a comprehensive policy review with our team of experts today. We’ll work closely with you to optimize your policies, bringing in fresh perspectives while maintaining your core values.

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Incorporating Ethics and Compassion in Policy Reviews

For this reason, the rules in business should apply to everyone. It will ensure the fair treatment of all and that everyone understands what is expected of them. It is a calculated assumption that the focus was more on the hierarchy and financial gains (or in this case losses) that best practices to serve the firm were not adopted.
No assistance, referrals or well-being checks were revealed to have been carried out for someone who has an extended period of sick leave. The lack of compassion and consideration for another human being is telling.
At the time of drafting any policy, the intention is to attempt to look at all possible eventualities but you can’t account for everything. That’s why it’s equally important to capture the principles and values with the rules. When circumstances arise that don’t align with the policy it is possible to ensure the ethos of the organisation continues.

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