Ethical Growth: what’s an internal community?

I am literally always going on about the internal community. Therefore I thought it was well overdue to go into details of what this actually means to me. Also, this is pretty much how I explain it to the clients and their teams that I work with.

Overview and Consolidation of Terms

Usually, when we enter the world of business, there are commonly used terms such as workers, teammates, colleagues, contractors etc. As legal terms, these words hold varying meanings nonetheless, on a day-to-day basis, these definitions do not take priority over the task at hand (or perhaps I should rephrase and say they should not take priority).

The internal community is fitting to refer to the collective personally and is usually adopted by clients. An effective way of referring to the whole organisation, working towards a common goal.

The Internal Community Comparison with You​

In a recent post series that looked at how time was spent over a working five-day week (120hrs), a large chunk of time was attributed to being at work.

  • A full time working week was once considered anything over 30hrs. 
  • Now the average is between 42.5 to 45 contracted working hours a week.
  • If we are lucky enough to get around 7hrs of sleep 
  • Not forgetting all the associated activities like commuting, childcare arrangements are all the considerations that eat into your time.  

My numbers were all guesstimates for how time was utilised in a typical working week on a generous, 40hrs a week commitment. It allowed for five hours of free time to do with it as you wish, an hour for each working day (you can check it out on my IG).

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