What’s Your Price?

Last week (Friday, 2nd July) in our Clubhouse room, the ladies and I discussed how much it would cost for a person to compromise on their values. If the price was met, would  accepting such an offer translate to you abandoning your values permanently or can you simply shelf them for the duration of the interaction and collect them on completion? 

My mouth is an independent entity from my brain. Before I can even calculate a ridiculous fee, I find I have already put an end to the conversation with a polite decline.

Learning from past experiences it had been difficult to separate the  administrator from the legally trained individual, that combined is me.  An early client who I was working with to provide PA support one day got frustrated with the fact that a supplier was chasing payment, threatening to take further action all because a manager had failed to read the terms of the agreement.  I was then passed the contract to read and to draft a email response and liaise with the supplier.

Did I resolve the issue? Yes. Was this part of my role? Definitely not.  Did I compromise myself?  In hindsight after this conversation and now recapping I believe I did.  I compromised myself worth and belittled the skillset that I had at that point of accepting the task.

At the time I talked myself around by saying it was experience, the ability to put into practice what I had been studying for years.  However I was giving away my value because even with a successful outcome and a repaired relationship, I was considered to be nothing more than the office junior.  

It was a valuable experience to learn from and now I don’t separate the years of experience in various business support position from my extensive understanding of the law supported by the certificates.  

I’m unsure being enlightened to the “pima” fee (a special “piss me off” tax) would have helped at that point.  Now that I know and following on from the discussion do I feel any differently? 

I would say this, starting out in business is very challenging and it can I can understand the attraction of a high value client and turning a blind eye to what is being asked going against the grain of your personal brand.

There are many other factors and extenuating circumstances that will go into to making your final decision.  So I don’t see it as inauthentic, perhaps a necessary learning curve.   If you are able to sleep easy at night and not having to lie to yourself about it being an experience then it could be that you had your values misaligned in the first place.

The takeaway, for me at least is that you have to know your worth and not only in the monetary sense.  When I am auditing a client’s business or implementing a new process, I do not want to distinguish from what is legal expertise and what is not.  

At the start of the pandemic I was the one went through the service agreements to advise on which services could be suspended (which included my own!).  The same client reached out again for another review the policies again.  This time for the stand point of returning to the office.  

Cheaper than a solicitor, I had an understanding of their business and an existing relationship, which has been strengthened because of my values to remain fair and just. 

Another enlightening conversation with my fellow co-host Coach Ebony and Brand Coach Strawder.  Presenting the best of yourself to the world with integrity is a challenge. Not everyone is going to appreciate the sentiment, there are still many in the world who wholly believe that business is about money.

It’s a slow process getting comfortable standing apart from the crowd.  I am the force that enters a business, invoking the ripples of change.

a small effect can create a ripple of change

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I am Cas working with entrepreneurs who are looking to change the world with their passion.  I am here to remove the business side of the business distractions giving you the freedom to be the  Daddy Hero.

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