What is an Internal Community?

I am literally always going on about the internal community. Therefore I thought it was well overdue to go into details of what this actually means to me. Also, this is pretty much how I explain it to the clients and their teams that I work with.

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Overview and Consolidation of Terms

Usually, when we enter the world of business, there are commonly used terms such as workers, teammates, colleagues, contractors etc. As legal terms, these words hold varying meanings nonetheless, on a day-to-day basis, these definitions do not take priority over the task at hand (or perhaps I should rephrase and say they should not take priority).

The internal community is fitting to refer to the collective personally and is usually adopted by clients. An effective way of referring to the whole organisation, working towards a common goal.

The Internal Community Comparison with You

In a recent post series that looked at how time was spent over a working five-day week (120hrs), a large chunk of time was attributed to being at work.

  • A full time working week was once considered anything over 30hrs. 
  • Now the average is between 42.5 to 45 contracted working hours a week.
  • If we are lucky enough to get around 7hrs of sleep 
  • Not forgetting all the associated activities like commuting, childcare arrangements are all the considerations that eat into your time.  

My numbers were all guesstimates for how time was utilised in a typical working week on a generous, 40hrs a week commitment. It allowed for five hours of free time to do with it as you wish, an hour for each working day (you can check it out on my IG).

Why is this relevant to the management team or the business owner?

You are working countless hours in your business to make it a success and build something which will afford you a comfortable life and greater choices. However, in your focused determination, you may have overlooked that you are not the only one committed to the business or struggling for time.

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Internal Community is More Digestible than Family

It is a huge red flag in today’s world to recruit someone into the business selling it as being one big family. No one is looking for a family to work with! Really stop thinking “The Waltons” and perhaps imagine any typical family on a popular soap opera.  

Family members are often reluctant to pay but seldomly not backward in asking for a small favour. Their unreasonable requests and expectations are not recognised because they are family. Ultimately, you are left with a sense of guilt for not wanting to offer assistance.

Here is some free advice, do not go looking for family. Allow the team the freedom to adopt you. When they do, you will have the confirmation you need to know that your business has built a trusted internal community.

A Working Example of the Alternative Perspective: Internal Community

Freedom of choice and having a sense of belonging is just as important in your home life as it is in your work life.   

My client, Bobby Rob and his wife, have three babies (all under 4yrs). They are on a quest to find their forever home to raise their young family. Both of them have spent time doing research and driving around areas that they shortlisted to be suitable. Finally, they have found an idyllic home in the perfect community.

They hire staff (a cleaner, a gardener and a nanny), a fitting example of an internal community in a home setting. Over time these individuals will be as familiar around your home as your family members. They will see how you live your daily life, probably trusted with a key to carry out their duties when you are not there.  

Your housekeeper may not own your home but will treat it with as much respect as you do and may even know it better than you. When they feel comfortable and trusted, they will go beyond what is contracted.  

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Commitments of the internal community

  • They have committed to spend a set amount of hours serving you
  • they are the ones you have chosen to take responsibility for (at the very least payment for services rendered);
  • if treated respectfully, they will feel a sense of responsibility to you and your business/home.  
  • Your employees/contractors are the unofficial ambassadors to your business/home.

Those who make up your internal community will market your business; however, you have little to no control over the narrative.

Extension beyond the payroll

Your internal community may extend to your neighbours accepting a parcel when no one is home or taking in your bins when you are away. Even the security staff and receptionists on the front desk of the service building where you have your offices. They also can have an influence on your home or business. A nosey neighbour or an observant security guard gives a level of comfort that you may only need to pay for in recognition and kindness.

It is not necessarily about sharing the same interests; sharing a common objective to maintain the community feel is paramount to all individuals regardless of the setting. There will be a sense of pride for the contributions to the community by everyone associated with it.

I say all of that to say this...

There is the person who buys a house because of the money it can fetch once flipped. They are not invested in the surroundings like Bobby Rob and his family because their only focus is to make money. It is the same in business when the business starts to grow to the point that you need additional help.  


Taking the time to ask the right questions may save you from being the temporary stepping stone to something better. This is not to say everyone will be a keeper from day one; you may even benefit from having individuals like these in the business for a time.  


Proceed with caution, as you will not want to disrupt the ethos of your organisation environment at the expense of someone who was never aligned with your business practices or values.


CAS Ltd, The Ethical Strategist, Cas Johnson - reintroducing mutual loyalty and ethical practices in business so the owners can step away and enjoy the life they desire

I am Cas Johnson, The Ethical Strategist, helping business owners and leaders. While in the pursuit of achieving great things, accomplishment will come through having a trusted internal community. Always remember the goal is ultimately “la dolce vita“! If you can make it possible for many others to enjoy the sweet life along the way to your greatness, what is the harm?

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