Someone that I was growing to admire showed up in another room on Clubhouse recently highly recommending and encouraging others to outsource to the “developing” world. If this was the message they were preaching across the board then there would be no issue and no blog. However, this individual comes across in their usual setting as having a patriotic stance in another room. My thoughts are, you cannot stand proud on a platform where the persona is fresh and clean and then in another setting brag about your funky funk! How do you expect to attract a loyal audience is is that not the plan?

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Warning as some may find the following statement quite dramatic: I felt betrayed, that I had wasted my time listening to ramblings of a rogue but worst than that, it makes me question the other moderators that this one individual stands amongst. Know that it is impossible to Know, Like and Trust when a person is mimicking a fish out of water. I because impossible to align with your value because it’s known what they are. In the end, the question I pose, is it worth it? If I spend my time listening to you will I believe it?

It is not the first time I have heard people saying that they outsource to such places as the Philippines, so have spoken proudly about hiring contractors for $4 an hour and their desires to expand their empire. Others have just been as proud to say that they hire and pay the same rate as they would in the “first” world. There is a clear uneasiness on such matters and it is best practice to clarify and stand proud in the actions and decisions taken. To flip flop like a fish out of water does not warm me, red flags go up and I swiftly make my way to the nearest exit. After all, I have my own reputation to protect and if we do not align we should not be linked by association.

Keep in mind that wherever you are growing an audience not that your followers will follow, in the attempts to get to know you. If you are unclear with yourself or simply being inauthentic it will be revealed. Feel free to share your thoughts, whether you agree with me or not.

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