A man in a suit and hard hat hunched over a desk in from of papers with a pained expression. Revealing a Fear in Construction towards admin.

Transform Your Construction Business

With the right support you can transform your construction business.  Firstly you will need to understand the role of the administration when it comes to your construction project. Although when onsite, it may look like a role that picks up anything not covered by any other team there is a logic to the chaos. You will want to have someone on the ball experience at handling whatever is dropping in their lap. But that will cost you more than you have budgeted for, so what usually happens is a cost-cutting exercise. 

A Construction Company Transformed

I remember a contracts manager losing his nut because a partner contractor had sent a final demand letter which was missed but not the legal action letter. Having just returned from paying for the routine cafe breakfast with the undersigned! 
The system in place was terrible.  Incoming post was to date stamped and left in a pigeon hole. A convenient system for the admin staff but not so great for the management team who spent most of their time:
  • visiting the various sites
  • in meetings with the clients,
  • in meetings with sub-contractors
  • in meetings with other stakeholders, or 
  • checking the wrong pigeonhole.

Having an engaged admin team will ensure that you have a trusted ally to alert you of potential concerns or matters to take note of when they crop up. Over two years that system was in place because it worked on a smaller scale site. 

Sometimes it's not broke but it's also not suitable for the current situation.

Recognise the Gaps

When working on-site, you don’t get the scaffolder to do plumbing.  Nor do you grab the first person who can identify a hammer as your chippy.  You want skilled individuals on-site, and the same practice should be applied off-site.

So many of the smaller construction companies sabotage their own business by not having a proper set-up when it comes to the “paperwork”.  For the record, administration is so much more than shuffling papers.  Once it goes wrong, you will come to appreciate knowing the difference.

Your alternative to in-house experience is having a solid system in place.  That is where CAS Ltd can ensure your business and your team are up to speed on the basics so you can deliver the project.

To shower your client with information, you must have your house in order with HouseRules. Can you really risk not to?

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The Benefits of Being Organised

Transforming your construction business is not anything too complicated. However, the simplest things are discarded as unnecessary because they are considered superficial. Being organised is critical. Your administration can take the burden off your operations, saving the company money and having your clients fall in love with you.
When something goes wrong (something always goes wrong), the severity can be measured by the level of chaos. And it almost always has a cost or time implication or both. Failing to have adequate processes to deal with the shortfall can have catastrophic results.
This simplified way of looking at filling the role will come back to bite, but if you’re lucky, you may get a good cuppa tea and biscuits to soften the blow of the contract ending early or not winning the tender.

Simple Transformation Step

On one project I worked on, the operation team was responsible for requesting commencement of works letters to go out.
Do you know how often letters have failed to go out on time, if at all because the manager was busy juggling issues?
Residents complained, and the client was not happy because they were getting it in the ear.
Whereas when a nosey being stepped in, asked questions and began to read the programme of works, the admin task of sending out the letters was done.  The management team updated.

You're doing too much

Take some time and watch the interaction within the business.  Have you handed over the duties of admin or are you rushing in to put out the hypothetical fires?  

You have a lot to do in your position of leading the company to bigger and more challenging projects, so it would be in everyone’s best interest for us to work together and get you set up correctly.

man in hard hat sleeping on papers. Its not how much you do to transform your business - the actions have to be effective.

Time is a commodity that’s not squandered here.  My calendar is open to all, but there’s a limit on the number of working relationships at any time. 

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