The Problem

Think of a time you had to go to the GP because you had a problem. Your concern is for the problem. So you sit in the doctor’s office and describe the problem and any symptoms you may be experiencing in relation to that problem. You then listen to what is being said by the doctor, answering any questions and gaining an understanding of how this problem can be resolved. There is a dialogue where you share your discomfort and then you listen to the expert. You then decide on whether you want to proceed with the options suggested or shop around. You don’t leave the doctor’s office and seek treatment from the receptionist because they are cheaper.

However, the same logical thinking is not applied in business when the business owner/leader is overwhelmed and in need of being rescued. During a conversation, the two most irrelevant questions for both parties seem to be pricing and what do you do. They neither help to establish your problems or what services you need to resolve them. As the pain points are rarely addressed the guess diagnosis is off point and both parties end up disappointed.

I had a client who had overlooked a clause of the agreement which meant they were in breach and automatically excluded from tendering for the next phase of works. During the meeting, the focus was the outstanding clause and how my potential client would be able to fulfil their obligation under the contract, within a tight time frame. By knowing the pain of the client I could then work on a solution. At this point, sharing that I could set you a filing system and handle difficult calls is of no relevance. Requesting additional resources and ensuring that I was in the position of being able to direct and have a team report to me was more fruitful to the overall solution. With my assigned team, I did not need to liaise with management unless it was for updates (to which I installed a whiteboard) and at the end of the project when I handed over the information.

My client was in a position where they no longer has this as an immediate problem. They did not have the additional pressure of having to map out an action plan. Within a short period of time, they could see the results, which further settled their nerves. This could have easily have gone in a different direction if we had started off with the wrong questions. At the end of the project, the KPI rate was surpassed, my client became the principal contractor for the next phase of works and the procedures I had put in place was adopted by my client’s client, becoming the benchmark across the project for all the contractors.

When. meeting with new clients, my only concern is to find a resolution to the discomfort suffered. Some of what I do is on my website (pricing included) and social media, so you should get a feel for who I am. It is pointless to waste time talking about the price because that can only be determined once I know your problem and the symptoms you are suffering. Trust me, I am an expert.

I am Cas, open to accept the title that works for you. I am here to assist you where you need, which may not always be what you want but the results of you getting to enjoy your business and life again is always a challenge I am willing to accept. Leave a comment below, follow me on social media or if you need a partner let’s talk.

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