a Spring Dust Off for Your Company

  • Identify and fix small issues before they become big problems
  • 45mins 1-2-1 audit session
  • An action plan to make a start

What is the Spring Business Audit?

Running a business is tough. It’s easy for small problems to pile up unnoticed until everything comes crashing down. Get peace of mind this spring with a seasonal 45 minute audit. Together we’ll review your business to uncover lurking issues and provide a clear action plan to address them.

A man in a suit with both hands cupping his face with an exxpression of sheer dread and misery as he looks down to avoid making eye contact with the mounds of paperwork - The Vital Importance of Regular Policy Reviews for Businesses

Why this business audit?

From 1st March – 31st May, Cas Johnson, The Ethical Strategist is offering the popular spring dust off audit at a steep discount. Space is limited to keep quality high.

Get an expert 45-mins business audit session

In your Spring Dust Off session, you get 45 minutes of one-on-one time to discuss your most pressing business concerns. The Ethical Strategist will listen closely, ask thoughtful questions, and capture input collaboratively.
A man in a suit and white shirt holding his hand to his mouth in contemplation. The Spring Dust Off is for taking action - it's a collaboration

Benefits of a Spring Business Audit

The goal is to identify any issues that could pose future risks if left unchecked. Common topics include reviewing:

  • Policies & procedures clarity
  • Team/HR challenges
  • Business function gaps
  • Revenue issues etc

You are free to talk openly about any aspect of your company. At times it pays to have an outside expert shine a spotlight, so you understand what requires attention.

After the session, you will received a detailed report from the notes taken in the session. It will highlights trouble spots, connections/cross-functional impacts, and an action plan with advice on top priorities. You receive this Dust Off deliverable within a week of the meeting.

The Spring Dust Off allows you to get a fresh assessment and recommendations – risk-free and at a substantial discount. The discounted offer is limited to a set number of audits each month between 1st March – 31st May.

Why Audit Now?

Running a growing business is tough. With so many competing priorities, it’s difficult to stay on top of every aspect. Small issues can go unnoticed until one day they snowball into costly disasters.

The Spring Dust Off provides business leaders an affordable way to get ahead of any silently creeping threats. An ounce of proactive prevention now is infinitely cheaper than reactive firefighting down the road.

Common risks this audit catches early

Some common scenarios our audit can catch early:

  • Policy loopholes leaving dangerous exposure
  • Team misalignments wasting money
  • Cash flow leaks slowly sinking budgets
  • Technology gaps causing frustration

Take Advantage of a Business Audit

Identifying quick wins for improving systems, better serving your clientele and accelerating growth.

Think of our spring cleaning as your annual checkup, your management MoT, your business insurance. It surfaces problems early so you can course-correct on your timeline. Continual optimisation is the key to sustaining success.

Invest 45 minutes now for the clarity and confidence to power through the year ahead. Limited slots available at a reduce rate!

Limited Time Discounted Spring Dust Off Business Audit

Take decisive action to safeguard your company’s future while discounted spring slots are available!

At CAS Ltd, you get the personal service so time in the calendar is limited. It’s a first, first to secure basis so avoid regret.

Grab your slot today.

Let’s support your success early this spring – continuity means so much in business. Schedule once then reference our action plan all year long!

FAQs - Business Audits with CAS Ltd

Most frequent questions and answers

There is no upfront requirement to submit policies or existing documentation. The audit focuses on discussing current open questions and priority topics identified directly with you. Any follow-up documentation can be handled after the session upon mutual agreement if needed.

The Spring Dust Off report provides an independent set of expert recommendations for self-implementation. However, CAS Ltd also offer hands-on implementation and rescue services on a bespoke basis if you prefer to delegate or collaborate directly with The Ethical Strategist. Let us know if further help appeals beyond the Spring Dust Off.

No exclusions exist and any business can request an audit. If you have a business outside the UK, you are advised to book a Sip & Chat ensure we can work together. The spring reduced offer applies to all Dust Off audits scheduled between 1st March – 31st May.

What people say?

She had a systematic approach and identified the important versus optional well.
Tamya Kerr
EDF Energy
[A]...structured approach along with using initiative and having perfect communication ensures her work is always of a high standard.
Sean McKeeman
Health & Safety Manager, Kettenrad Ltd