R&R Policy

Combat buyers' remorse in your business by having clear HouseRules

Be clear with your customer because no one likes the feeling of being duped.  A return policy can help prevent financial loss; a tarnished reputation and reduce the stress for everyone involved.

Without a clear policy, returns are a scary logistical nightmare.

Your customers are no different to you.  They want an experience that is as smooth as the sale process.  However, often times when there is a hint of dissatisfaction, chaos follows on the heels. 

Either there is no policy in place and the customer and team are at the mercy of the one in charge.  Sometimes the process is so complicated and long-winded or it feels like the quest to find buried treasure. 

You should be as confident in handling a return as you are in landing the sale. 

An unfavourable return policy is as damaging as no policy at all.   You have your customer focusing their attention on whether it is worth taking the risk. 

Have clear HouseRules.  Outline how, when and what through your policy.  This will prevent any doubts or have your customers feeling like they haven’t been duped. 

A woman sat on a sofa with one hand to her head with a look of distress as she holds papers in her other hand looking at a laptop

What is R&R worth to you in your business?

Book to have your refund, return or cancellation policy written.

Stop forcing your business to fit with the templates or something that you have “borrowed” from other businesses.   It’s time for you to understand and have full knowledge of what is contained in your policy.  Let’s tailor a policy that will give you peace of mind.

This is the treat you deserve.  A gift to yourself that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Only £650

This is how we will work together to create your HouseRules

There is the initial first session where we discuss what you want in your business – returns, refunds rescheduling or cancellation.  The combination will be dependent upon your business.

It is time for the policy to be drafted and a copy will be sent for you to review.

The final session is to go through the policy in person.  Remember this is a bespoke service centred around the understanding.  There may be elements that you can’t have because they are contrary to law or regulations.

In the end, you will have a document where you know the content, and understand the context and you can implement it into your business with confidence.  

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