The Possibilities!

A fact that is often overlooked or merely ignored is the whole point of business is to make money.  Once this is set in the forefront of your mind, attention can then be directed to how to achieve this in the most successful manner.  The bonus will be feeling good about it and scaling further.  

After listening to my co-hosts Ebony Green and Phyllis Williams-Strawder (in our regular Clubhouse room), a plan with intentions is the basis for a solid foundation in business.  However, I would take it a step further and say that a strategy is an essential ingredient to the mix.

Unhealthy Possibilities

There have been numerous examples over the years where businesses are formed with a specific intent and once they hit the market the focus switches because everyone and his dog believes they can offer you free advice.  Taking on all the feedback unfiltered because obviously more customers will mean more sales and you will no doubt meet your targets for the month, right?  Possibly, depending on what you are offering but this is where the problems start to arise.

Control of your scaling has been handed over to  unknown beings.  I’m not even sure they could be called customers (many are happy to share their “wisdom” without parting with any cash.  To make it clearer let use an example, to see how this may play out.

A business is formed with the intention to design and style the young female professional in the corporate world with custom made garments.  Someone comments that they would like to see swimwear another  for a party outfit.  Simple you can write it into the plan and it can be an additional line.

Now time is spent sourcing these additional items, taking away focus from your original purpose and diluting your business with no guarantees that those comments will result in sales yet alone repeat sales.  Moving into unknown areas with limited knowledge on the trends, suppliers, etc; becoming more of a generalist rather than the budding expert.  

Was that really the point of doing this in the first place?  More importantly, are you experiencing fulfilment and what is going to keep you relevant when the next business comes along offering a similar business model?

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The Healthy Option

As echoed by my co-hosts Ebony Green and Phyllis Williams-Strawder, a person in a confused state or with a confusing brand is never going to have the longevity one might have hoped for in business.

A  plan of action should be the guiding focus ensuring control remains with the captain of of the enterprise.  Decisions shall be made inline with the ultimate mission in mind, which will be reflected in the running of the business.  Yes in time you may decide  to launch a limited edition swimwear or evening wear collection by it will be when the business is ready to do so; when your strategy dictates it is the right time because you have identified and served your ideal customer and you have the structure in place behind the scene to venture further. This is when the possibilities become endless.

By being purposeful in structuring the business in the best way to serve your client, you ensure that all aspects of interaction have been fine-tuned.  From the initial introduction to your business through to completion.   

When mishaps occur your customers will remain loyal because through company policies your internal community will be working towards your vision and they will feel valued.  

The GAB AF room takes place every Friday at 18:15 BST, where we discuss Getting Authentic AF in your life, brand and business.  Come join us for the conversation and share your views.  Now that Clubhouse is open to all we look forward to you dropping in.

 I work with men on a mission to change the world with their gifts.  I want to ensure that they make it home and build relationships with their children and chosen life partners.  As a reformed workaholic, I know too well the desire and drive to get to the result.  This often leads to unintentionally neglecting those closest to us as we believe they should understand what we are working on achieving.  

Build a business from the inside out, my focus is to streamline processes, procedures and policies so that you build an internal community to showcase your vision,  allowing you scale in your business while putting in the time at home to be the Daddy Hero!

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