Not quite sure if you need to have a review or perhaps you do not have policies in place.  The below will offer a better understanding.  If you do have any further question, let’s talk.

So you already know the purpose of having a policy is to ensure the company mission, values and culture is as you envisioned.  It probably goes without saying that periodically there is a requirement for a review:

  • Is the policy still relevant?
  • Do amendments need to be made in line with the business and/or the law?
  • What about the associated processes and procedures, they too should be looked at?

By reviewing the company policies it not only ensures compliance with any changes in the law and regulations, it also gives guidance of decision-making and to steamline internal processes.  

In short you want to preserve the values of why you started the business and have a culture of people who align to those values.  Policies and their associated procedures are essential to attracting the right internal customers (employees, team members).

Simply put, chaos!

Slightly dramatic maybe but there is definitely truth to the statement.  To have no policy or an out-dated policy is failing to set expectations, keep individuals accountable and by failing to share vision hinders  compliance. 

When in business the focus is to provide a service/product to clients/customers.  That in itself is a full-time job so as business scales and you have less time to have that personal connection with each individual who joins your team policies are a vital way of reinforcing and clarifying the standards you expect in your business.  It will help managers and staff alike to be more effective and know the boundaries of what is expected and unacceptable in the business.

In a word, no.

A procedure is a set of steps carried out in a particular order.  A process is a series of tasks or stages which requires an input and an output.  Take for example an employee booking. holiday.  The process is usually a request being submitted and at some point that request is “processed” resulting in it being approved or denied. 

The procedure would be the behind the scenes steps followed are aligned with company policy; effectively the how to carry out the policy.

Therefore if it is the business intention to not have employees save their holiday allowance until they can have a long period of time off; the policy will state this and between the procedure and process it should be captured when an employee has outstanding leave to take before the end of the defined period.

Always remember that the policy is your way of communicating internally (and externally) the community you wish to build in your business.

I will review one policy with its associated procedure/process for the fee of £37.00 (or  the value of).  Please see above for more details on what this will entail.