Clubhouse room recap happening on a Friday evening. A collab a Brand Coach Strategist – Phyllis Williams-Strawder and an Authenticity Coach – Ebony Green. Getting Authentic AF in Business (Life and Brand)

The Possibilities!

A fact that is often overlooked or merely ignored is the whole point of business is to make money.  Once this is set in the forefront of your mind, attention can then be directed to how to achieve this in the most successful manner.  The bonus will be feeling good about it and scaling further. …

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What’s Your Price?

Last week (Friday, 2nd July) in our Clubhouse room, the ladies and I discussed how much it would cost for a person to compromise on their values. If the price was met, would  accepting such an offer translate to you abandoning your values permanently or can you simply shelf them for the duration of the …

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