The Beginning of CAS

Having witnessed first-hand the turmoil  suffered when a family of two becomes a family of more!  Striving for the next major deal, entertaining clients and putting in the hours to uphold the flawless reputation.  The dominate force in business, the mastery and influence you have in business has lead to being the authority and a member of the elite in your area of expertise…

Yet there is a lack of control or the usual confidence in your home life.  There are pangs of guilt because being a rock star in business means you have less time to build the bonds in your own household.  

Whilst you spend the time structuring a prosperous and sought after lifestyle for your family, you are forgetting to build the relationships and so you miss out on the knee hugs as you arrive home, the bedtime routine and being the that super human when those closest to you are in distress.

Creating the Daddy Hero

This is where my experience lies, with over 20 years of business support, working with innovators and creators, to assist and manage in the background unnecessary distractions, enabling; allowing for focus to achieving great things at the office and home.

The practices that I have perfected over an extensive period of time is now what is being offered through CAS Ltd.  Fathers in business often realise too late, the missed opportunities they failed to have with their children.  Even when they are present for the family holidays its often just in body as they spend most of the time on the phone checking you on the running of the business.

The mission is to get you out of the office because you know are confident in my abilities.  My mastery is to support you as a business partner so you can go home and be the partner to your wife and become a Daddy Hero to your most precious clients of all.

About Me


Over the years of I have worked with a wonderful mixed bag of people and cultures, I have found the most productive and rewarding relationships are ones where we work together as a team.  

The greatest pleasure has been supporting those who need support as they go through the transformation of realigning  their work life balance.

Casandra Johnson

Founder of
Corporate Administrative Solutions Limited

CAS Ltd with The Ethical Strategist, Cas Johnson Calmly aggressive in reintroducing mutual loyalty and ethical practices into your business allowing you the freedom to step away and enjoy your desired dolce vita.

I have spent years developing and maintaining relationships with former clients and always welcome the chance to form new ones.

There is no fake it until you make it here.  I maintain high standards, integrity and honesty.  I am so serious about what I offer, I have put my name on it.

Whilst you focus on the growth of your business, I will be working in the background taking charge, creating order out of the chaos, inspiring confidence for both you and your growing team.

My Back Office

Working with you to expose the limitations and bring about change.

I believe the back office of a business is like the soul of a person.  I am therefore proud to share that CAS Ltd is not for the masses.   My clients appreciate that am willing to challenge authority in order to create the ideal policies, procedures and processes for their business.  

I embrace my difference and stand out from the crowd with confidence because without the likes of what others would term as rebellious  and disruptive leaders, we would live in a world with no passion, no change, no freedom.


The struggle is real but you are not alone.

 The leader of your business.  Feel secure in that knowledge, stop dealing with the overwhelm by yourself.  Stop standing in your own way of greater success.